my writers block essay

Kasey eskew





Today im going to do my essay I am going to finish this so somewhere I can insert my social life. But were do I begin? How do I even start? I’m so stuck I’ve spent the last 30 minutes at my computer going back and forth between a blank page and my blog. Finally I have taken the initiative of “X-ing” out of my blog and cracking my knuckles and …. Still nothing I cant think of a single way to even begin this essay. The cold irony of the whole thing is my essay is on “writers block” a disastrous illness that has plagued my very mind! How do I move on from writers block and write an essay on my predicament, while making it 2 sided and contestable it’s the challenge of the century.

I have started my search on overcoming this ordeal first I read an article by a Mr. Christopher Edwards who stated that “that writer’s block occurs when grandiose but fluctuating expectations of success combine with a vaguely planned project.” I totally agree on some parts, not much thought went into this paper and my self confidence in my writing along with the mind-blowing subject I have chosen has caused me to both procrastinate and power through this essay. I put it off until I broke my laptop which had the original copy of this very essay (I can’t seem to remember how it even began let alone parts of it) all things that contribute to what I am experiencing at this point.

Another cause can be that I am not all that sure on how long or were to place certain things. Writing is an art and you can write the same essay one million different ways and it still be a wonderful article. As the poet poet Paul Valery stated,” an article is never finished, only abandoned.” When do I abandon this paper or am I stuck writing this for eternity trying to achieve the ultimate essay? Or do I let it take flight like a baby bird from a nest hoping that it has the faintest chance of success?

Edwards went on to say “writers block is a reaction to boredom as much as perfectionistic fear. Boredom can occur when scientists view writing as merely a mechanical transmission of their truly creative work. If one feels this way, the challenge is to create enough novelty and interest to finish the writing task. As writer Dorothy Parker quipped: The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”  Maybe I’m just bored I did not do much today (other than spend a couple hours trying to figure out the mass transit in Hillsboro.) maybe I need a longer attention span? How can this be true some of the most educated scholars have experienced writers block. Some PhD candidates have even dropped out because writers block overcame them in the mists of writing their dissertations.

How can something so simple wreck so much? It makes me think what the world would be like without writers block. Who would the president be? Who would be wealthy? Maybe there is no real cause maybe it’s just like death maybe it’s something on this world that is meant to happen? Highly unlikely though because there is a reason for everything but it’s something to think about when on your blog further setting back the date of your essay number 4.


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