I have this weird headcanon that Jeff is actually just a TEST TUBE BABY

dun dun dunnn

Like that episode of Futurama were The Professor felt he had nobody to continue his work or his inventions if he were to die or become ill so instead of finding he woman HE MADE THE BABY HIMSELF WITH SCIENCE! But he didn’t realize how hard it was to take care of children and that they poop and cry alot. So he ended up taking care of Jeff for so many years (truthfully I think the caveman in his building took care of Jeff the most with feeding and diapers and general care giving) before getting that all boys school built and sent Jeff to it. I like to think Jeff has been there since he was 5 or so.

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I believe this is a song Dr.Andonuts made for his son on the nights when Jeff wouldn’t sleep and/or was fussy and the voice that we hear in the music is Dr.Andonuts himself.

THIS SONG helped me finally go to sleep when I couldn’t sleep yesterday. it’s just so relaxing and magical haha~ 

Baby Andonuts

For some reason I’ve been thinking of sketching a load of pictures of Dr.Andonuts with baby Jeff. I figure the doctor had to be aroundish for the first few years of Jeff’s life, so why not see what I could come up with. I have a few little though’s on my own head-canons, so it’ll be fun.

Any how while I was working on the Andonuts and son ideas I had a fun little brain fart. Basically for the sake of this story Dr. Andonuts set up a lab of sorts in Saturn Valley. He still sends Jeff away for school, but during the summer months Jeff returns to help with all things awesomely science.

To me Jeff always seemed more of a brilliant inventor and engineer. While his father seems more of the mad scientist who dabbles in a bit of what ever he needs for what he’s doing.

Anyhow, A summary. Dr. Andonuts, Apple kid, and some Mr. Saturns are working on some different ideas and inventions in the small lab they have set up. (This would be before Dr. Andonuts is taken by Pokey.) One of the inventions is using similar technology as the phase distorter to see how a ‘time beam’ of sorts would effect objects and matter. (Hard to explain. Basically fun with science) So Jeff is around to help out with his fathers latest idea.

They are all working diligently when Orange kid shows up. He’s been quite a menace to them lately. Orange kid has been trying to prove his genius to Dr. Andonuts, and keeps coming around with random odd inventions. This time in a blunder he sets off the unfinished beam.  It fly’s around the room, and unfortunately bounces into Jeff. After the smoke clears a 2 year old Jeff Andonuts pops out of his now over sized shirt.  

Now Dr. Andonuts, Apple kid, and the Mr.Saturn’s have to take care of a 2 year old, and try to set him back to his proper self. 

It’s a stereotypical plot, but it’s fun to play around with. I might not get around to drawing some snippits for this. Any one can feel free to draw or write what they will if this gave you any fun ideas. I like to try to inspire even if I fail some times. :P