My Venture Brothers cosplay! Yaaaaay! *kermit arms*

My friend OnionKnightInc Photography put up with me in 90 degree weather and a cranky disposition for the heat and my corset. He’s amazing. I really wasn’t a pleasure to be around when things started breaking either. But I’m happy I had him to help me pick up the pieces and encourage me. You’re awesome! 

I made this a long while ago but circumstances didn’t permit me to actually wear it. But I’m so very happy that I finally had the guts to wear it. Dr. Girlfriend has become one of my favorite femme fatals, and she is certainly what all the boys dream about. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is pretty much the coolest of the cool ladies in Venture Bros. I’m so honored I got to portray her.

I know now where I need to improve and better myself, and I’m so impressed with myself on the construction of this outfit. I have the incredible Riddle to thank for the corset idea. I probably would have been lost without referring to her incredible work and costume!! 

ALSO I entered into the Adult Swim costume contest https://apps.facebook.com/adultswimcontest/accueil.php if you see my photo (because I haven’t seen it uploaded yet even though I did submit) please feel free to vote for me and share with your friends! I would greatly appreciate it!!! <3

Please follow and support my amazing photographer friend OnionKnightInc Photography! Without amazing people like him I wouldn’t be able to get such incredible shots to give to you guys!

Deviantart: http://onionknightinc.deviantart.com

Facebook Like Page: https://www.facebook.com/OnionknightincPhotography

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