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Nanami knew best that Komaeda was up against impossible circumstances where everything was set up for him to act in a certain way given the nature of his personality. If the circumstances were different he would not have acted in the absolutely vile way he did (coughIslandmodecough which is completely AU canon and he doesn’t do a damned thing in that mode).

She knew that he, as well as everyone else, was redeemable and up against the shittiest circumstances imaginable. She still wanted to protect and keep them all alive. Nanami needs every ounce of love but also all the other kids do too because she said so.

Miss Monomi's Practice Lesson
  • Miss Monomi's Practice Lesson
  • Masafumi Takada

i should probably mention that i am in love with this song and play it every time it’s linked in the LP and then proceed to dance around my room like an idiot


for those of you who grew up watching this show on tv, and are only familiar with the dub characters, it bears mentioning here that one really, really important little detail that got revised in translation for this episode in japanese to english is that sora, in the original cut, spends most of these scenes with nanomon fucking scared shitless out of her goddamn fucking mind.

unlike her dub counterpart, japanese!sora does not spend the entire episode hurling insults at nanomon, and telling him that his stupid plan isn’t going to work. or rather, let me rephrase that—sora does try that, exactly once. nanomon replies very calmly that he has no reason to let sora live anymore when the copy’s complete, and he can use it to do what he wants with piyomon. sora immediately shuts up and spends the rest of her ordeal praying terrified for taichi to come and get her out of there, before she’s killed and replaced.

i mean, i understand why the dub writers wanted sora’s attitude to be a little more brazen, even while she’s captured in nanomon’s clutches and essentially helpless. thing is, though, i really don’t think this horrible incident is going to just go away in terms of the “big picture” after this episode is done, like the english writers really wanted it to.

sora is never the same again after nanomon. it scares her horribly and makes her doubt everything about herself. and it’s not just her problem, either, because sora and taichi are the only kids in the damn group who ever provide any sort of morale or emotional support for the other five. guess what happens when he’s gone, and she’s dealing with a shitload of personal trauma? yeah.

so, the point is that there’s definitely a reason that sora’s falling to pieces by the time taichi gets back, and she never really gets better until the infamous ‘cave of darkness’ episode near the end of the series. it doesn’t build nearly as long as yamato’s arc but it’s there, all the same.

sora’s not a weak character by any means, but she’s also not the clear-cut, tomboy girl!Taichi the dub always wanted her to be. when taichi has a crisis of faith, it hits hard, and fast, and he tends to deal with its aftereffects in the same way.

sora does not.