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For the people that don’t believe Toukomaru will become canon let’s take a look at the game cover shall we 


Here they are seen silhouetted and surrounded by roses almost similarly to these two other girls 


And look at how these two other girls ended up 


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here it is
despair polka 5
in all its glory

arminsslytherinstreak and i have been working on an elaborate star wars/dangan ronpa crossover.

hear me out.

kirigiri is on the jedi council.  naegi, oogami, hinata, nanami, and tanaka are jedi knights.  hinata was naegi’s padawan but is now a fully fledged jedi.  komaeda was briefly and illegally hinata’s padawan, but dropped off to the dark side, sort of.

enoshima is the sith lord, and ikusaba is her apprentice.  komaeda became a sort of satellite to them, and taught some ways of the force to tsumiki, who is a similar satellite and a force healer.  the four of them are a sort of sith team.  komaeda isn’t super happy about this though.

enoshima, togami, koizumi, and sonia are galactic senators.  (sonia is from a peaceful and bountiful planet.  she’s basically padme here. keep that in mind.) ikusaba is (on the surface) enoshima’s head of security, ishimaru is togami’s (i’ll explain that in a second), saionji is koizumi’s, sonia doesn’t really have one.

kuzuryuu is the head of coruscant’s criminal empire.  peko, an ex-jedi, is the crown jewel in a collection of hired muscle and scummy informants (Oowada, bounty hunter, with Fujisaki as his pilot; Asahina and Souda, smugglers; Yamada, Hagakure, and Twogami, miscellaneous scum; Ibuki, Maizono, and Hanamura, entertainment & dining at HQ).  enoshima is pulling some strings in this empire, giving kuzuryuu certain advantages a la the trade federation in exchange for certain services.

such services include the assassination of senator koizumi and the framing of it on her head of security, saionji.

shortly thereafter, enoshima throws suspicion by faking her own attempted assassination and the death of her head of security - using komaeda.   komaeda is unaware that senator enoshima is darth junko, and only knows what he’s been ordered to do by the latter.  in the end ikusaba is unharmed and is free to do sith-y duties elsewhere.

meanwhile, togami has his own little network of corruption.  celes, a rogue jedi like peko, serves much the same purpose to him as peko does to kuzuryuu.  fukawa, a standoffish bounty hunter, has a thing for him and he knows it.  he uses these and other connections to do various morally suspect things and generally abuse his post.

when ishimaru finds out, he hires mondo to deliver justice.  after killing togami (at least, it seems… dun dun dun) mondo collects his payment and asks ishimaru out for a drink.

with koizumi dead, togami presumed dead, and enoshima attacked, the jedi assign gundam to be sonia’s jedi protector.  cue love story that ends better than padme/anakin because gundam isn’t a dumbass.

kirigiri’s jedi council’s modus operandi is a bit more investigative than that of the prequel trilogy’s aging institution.  naegi, hinata, and nanami are assigned to be a special task force getting to the route of this - because kirigiri isn’t stupid enough to assume that just because the sith have been gone, they aren’t coming back.  

oogami also does some investigation, and makes contact with asahina during this.  they are very friendly, but also very conscious of the divide placed by their loyalties.  spoiler alert: asahina will eventually join the good guys.

celestia is looking into her employer’s death and grudgingly works with fukawa, who is intent on avenging togami.  she has some influence over some of kuzuryuu’s lackeys, and intends to start there.

basically everyone is working from different directions towards the reveal of the despair sisters as the sith.  in the meantime, the two wreak havoc and cover their tracks.  how far will they get before they’re exposed?

not super relevant to the plot, but will probably be in there somewhere:

  • owari and cyborg!nidai, a highly sought-after mercenary team.  probably will come in with the oogami and asahina side story.
  • leon, a mercenary sometimes in kuzuryuu’s employment who is in a romantic entanglement with maizono that may or may not end in her death. and possibly his.  dunno yet.
  • as always, souda is in love with sonia from afar.  they’re from the same home planet or something. she doesn’t know he exists.