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Ok now I have to know just because I've never heard of it before. What the hell is walnut ink? Because I just use brown eyeliner for my freckles

{I got another ask for a full tutorial and didn’t realize this just wanted the ink. Sorry ;-;}

Alright! It’s pretty simple and messy, but here:

Walnut ink is used in calligraphy! Mine was given to me by my instructor, but it’s pretty much this


So I start with having finished all of my base make up, but you don’t need to have anything under it. {I don’t in these pictures, but do over at askskaiahigh}

So: walnut ink and cheapo paint brush

Splay the bristles as much as possible

Then just… Dip and dab

I follow the high points like bridge of nose and cheekbones up to temple and forehead for Rufioh, but it’s up to you.

Wait for that to dry and then brush some powder over it so they blend better and you should be good!

Now go be a freckle baby!

{Ps this stuff is water soluable and will just wipe right off}

natasha-roman0ff Basically I know that I can’t send photos or links so here’s a post to make it easier:) I put my hair in a bun today using one of these little babies. The instructions tell you how to use it though I will say that I tied my hair before creating the bun to make it slightly easier (and less time consuming) which is why it’s only the bottem half of my hair curled. You can buy these puppies on amazon for less than £2. Below is a link that I quickly found for you but you night find cheaper ones idk. I got mine for like 3 for £10 so yeah. Either way you’re saving. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00H3CZMPQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?qid=1433286023&sr=8-7&pi=AC_SX110_SY165&keywords=bun+maker&dpPl=1&dpID=51bsVNrtStL&ref=plSrch My hair was up for about 6 hours but I think it can also be done in 4. No heat damage done and a technique that gives you the super cute bun by day and cute curls by night😃 Don’t know if it’s useful but yeah:)



A Female Coaxial Plug is the perfect attachment to any down pipe, fits perfectly and makes it easy to pack tobacco and dab weed on top.

After used for a while they become gacked which means you can use less tobacco and more weed as its a smaller hole.

YOU CAN FIND THEM IN ANY AERIAL SLOT IN YOUR HOUSE, BEHIND YOUR TV OR IN THE WALL. If not here is a link to an aluminum one, gold ones a harder to find or more expensive.

Trust me this is the best idea ever, it’s almost as if they are made for this reason lol.

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Toralei FDC

She is now mine!!! Wooooo!

Just ordered my main Kitty. Honey, Jina and Tor FDC are all in stock at the moment.

Tor link






Hair Removal!

I just answered an ask with this info and wanted to share. I have had laser hair removal on my *important parts* and also on my chin–I’m German, can’t help it. If you have a hormone change, your hair comes back! And laser hair removal is pretty expensive to have to keep doing it. So I found this thing, recommended by my friend who is from Europe, she said they are very popular there. Its called an epilator. They are not all created equally, they don’t all produce results. This one does! I use it everywhere. EVERY. WHERE. It takes a little getting used to but it actually makes your hair finer over time. I’ve used mine for three years, got it on amazon and still goin strong. 👍👍


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Hello,I am using your Kagune tutorial for my Kaneki cosplay and Its great for someone who's on a tight budget. I was wondering if there is a equivilant for wet cement though since I cant seem to find it cheap online. Thanks you for your time.


Here is it for about $5