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“Crayon Skylines”

There is an excellent view of downtown from where I work as a nanny…I do a lot of doodling while the boy naps, so I have a whole bunch of “nap-time doodles” as I call them.

I tend to just draw with whatever kid-craft stuff is around if I didn’t bring my set of pencils and pens and what-not.

So I’ve been calling these wonky sketches “Crayon Skylines” because, well, they usually are colored in with crayon and also because they are not meant to be serious or exact- first of all, I’m not technically great with perspective and even if I was, the town is built on a mountainous landscape- the angles and distances and sized make less and less sense the harder you look.

Not to mention the time constraint of nap-time…you never know how long you really have. 

So my Crayon Skylines are just for fun and the repetition is a challenge for me…at first I had lofty goals of drawing one at least once a week, but I know myself well enough to know that was silly. I’m proud that I’ve done the few I have! I’m not one to practice one drawing over and over…so this is a good lesson for me.

Oh, and if you can’t tell, my favorite part is the two church steeples…they get most of the attention