Ferguson’s Michael Brown protest in Downtown Los Angeles

An extreme breed of coyote is finding there’s no finer place than downtown Chicago, where the predator has learned to lurk under the radar of city life, new data show.

The versatile carnivore, native to middle America, has spread into nearly every corner of the U.S. in the past few decades, taking particular advantage of the suburbs and their wildlife buffet. 

But in some metropolitan areas, such as the Windy City, populations are now so high that no vacancies are left in the suburbs for these highly territorial animals—which means youngsters are being forced to strike out into the only remaining habitat: downtown. (National Geographic)

From Gastroposter Manasu WhatElse, via Instagram:

Was just feeling soup today after midterms. Real quiet spot with ramen soup galore. I got the king ramen soup. A definite must try for first timers. Soup is slightly spicy, but each piece of the ramen dish bring out a different taste that just makes u wanna eat more. Good stuff. I’m a come back when its more colder though outside.lol

Matsumoto's Sports Challenge #3 - Skateboard

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our followers! We have a new sub for you all.


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Matsumoto is one determined athlete. This time around, he’s going for a backside grab shifty frontside 900 air. His good friends are there to help him get it done, but of course, it takes creativity and a handful of attempts. How will they accomplish this incredibly difficult trick?

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