The Man Bun haircut for The Sims 4

It must be the third time I see someone ask lumialoversims for a man bun. I know that kiwisims4 already made one, but I don’t like the shaved side, so I tried to create something ! (yep, it’s a copy/pastle from my w.i.p. post :p)

This haircut is available for teen to elder men, with the 18 base colors.

I made two version of the package, one with a specular, and another without (If you don’t want your hair to be shiny !).

 Download : Normal versionWithout specular

If you want to edit this haircut and share it, or create recolors, please send me a message. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own ! ;)

Friends and Followers,

Lots going on behind the scenes here so here’s the lo-down:

1) You WILL have new music this year. We’re evolving and are really excited for you all to hear what we’ve been working on. We feel it’s definitely the best we’ve sounded and can’t wait to see what you think… it’s a fresh take on what we are.

2) Rescheduled headline tour dates are booked. We have a restriction on when they can be announced but the latest you will have these is 06/03/15. All tickets still valid, we’ll be hitting all the same towns.

3) There will be a new physical book for you all! Look out for details of pre-orders soon.

4) We’ve been announced for Download Festival 2015!

5) We have our own stage, the “Obsidian Stage” at this years Takedown Festival.

6) Both London and Utrecht have sold out on our tour with In This Moment!

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MP3 DOWNLOAD: The Dresden Dolls, live in Portland, 2005

Awesome Dolls show, featuring a PJ Harvey cover and the very first performance of Me and the Minibar!

Download file links here

  1. Good Day
  2. Missed Me
  3. Modern Moonlight
  4. First Orgasm
  5. Coin-Operated Boy
  6. A Night At The Roses
  7. Rid Of Me (PJ Harvey cover)
  8. Boston
  9. Half Jack
  10. ENCORE: Such Great Heights
  11. ENCORE: Introduction to Me and the Minibar
  12. ENCORE: Me and the Minibar
  13. ENCORE: War Pigs

The full video of this show can be seen here

Here you go. A new mesh for your teen female sims, featuring darkmoons conversion of shokoninios jackfrost-hoodie and my conversion of ellies backpack from tlou. I have included four colors (backpack stays the same) And the hoodie-mesh is edited with smooth hands as well.


Tv Performances

- Our Song (Live on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve)
- Our Song (Live at CMA Awards 2007)
- Our Song (Live at Regis and Kelly)
- Picture To Burn (Live At CMT Awards)
- Picture To Burn (Live at Good Morning America)
- Picture To Burn (Live at Nashville Star)
- Should’ve Said No (Live at ACM Awards)
- Teadrops On My Guitar (Live at The Grand Ole Opry)
- Teardrops On My Guitar (Live on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve)
- Teardrops On My Guitar (live on TRL)
- Tim McGraw (Live at ACM Awards)
- Tim McGraw (Live at the CMA Music Fest)


(*- denotes an rare performance, or a recording of a song that is unique, ie. the only time Taylor performed the song in an acoustic setting)

The Endless Forest

Description: In The Endless Forest, you play as a stag with a human face. You wander around a beautiful 3D open-world, meeting other players and interacting with them wordlessly, just as a deer would.

Personal Thoughts: This game is very creative (no chat system, interesting character design, no real “point”) and that is what first drew me to it. Unfortunately, after only a little while of game play, it soon became dull because nobody was on the server with me. This game seems a little empty, but I’m sure it was fantastic in its glory days. This game is good for someone who is looking to unwind, or a shy person wanting to get into MMO games. Because there is no dialogue, it is easy for a shy person like myself to feel comfortable. -Ponyboy

Graphics: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Gameplay enjoyment lifespan: Very Short - Short - Medium - Long - Very Long

Download or Browser: Download

Free?: Yes!

The Endless Forest