you can clearly see how much S2 changed even not too long before its release

remember this person from the first S2 promotional picture? they were too small to be Jane but they look to have short hair like her. somewhere along the line this person got cut, and who knows if it was to make room for a character return like Kenny’s.


I also believe the 400 Days characters were supposed to have a bigger role. That’s why Eddie and a few 400 Days PCs were on the title slide for Episode 4 (the PCs were shadowed out and harder to see, but you can clearly tell some of them, like Vince and Wyatt). That’s also why the title picture has little to no connection with the actual episode.

I have to wonder just how much got changed, and if maybe that’s why this season’s been kind of a mess.

You guys... IT'S DONE.

After months of craziness in my real life and sporadic inspiration and writing time, Chapter 11 of Green Card is DONE.


It’s a doozy of a chapter, the big “reveal” chapter, and it gets a little dark but it’s THE big turning point of the story, so please indulge me a bit longer to get my lovely Sister Wives to beta it to perfection.



CRACK: Miren a este rider. Sin excusas

"Chasing the overall this weekend, number 1 plate female, Manon Carpenter feels right at home on these long, technical tracks. Excited about the shapes up top, she can’t wait to get out on her bike, but with the points race still so tight in the women’s, it will be one hell of a fight to hold the title." - via 2014 Meribel World Cup | Track Walk Gallery | Dirt - click through for great gallery of photos