Seating Chart by Dove Designs

During my wedding planning I still get to design for Brides which I absolutely love. I feel like I can appreciate the process better. After dealing with so many vendors and people you really start to appreciate those who really pay attention to detail and give your day the attention it deserves. SO, brides: I am here for ya, I feel your pain, and I will make sure you have a one of a kind piece for your wedding.


design your custom chart here.

hello July!

When this time of the year comes around I always begin to get inspired. Especially this year. All the dust has settled and it feels like I can truly start living again. Last year around this time I remember thinking…”I can’t wait til’ next year around this time when I’m on vacation with the man I love just thinking of all we’ve accomplished.” I’m happy to say…that I can actually say that now.

I’m just so freakin’ happy this part of the year is HERE! Lots of fun ahead, I can’t wait to share!



dove designs is celebrating 2 years today!

2 years ago I opened an etsy shop not knowing what would come from it but always hoping it would be taking me to the next level. and it has! 2 years, almost 400 customers later we’re feeling pretty good about things to come! there’s nothing like living out a dream, being able to be creative every day, and meeting so many people from around the globe. i love all of you that follow along, it means so much. thank you, thank you, thank you.