I’m so mad at society… Like when have congressmen been able to say negative things against any president and not be reprimanded by the media or even law? Racist things such as TAR BABY and BOY. That’s the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. How dare you call him BOY!

 And guess what? Another white child has gone missing. I am sorry that she is missing, don’t get me wrong and I do pray that she is found. BUT children of all races go missing every day. Why is it that only white children make then news? I know there have been a few children of other races but the majority of the ones on the news are white and no one sees a problem with this?

 I fucking cried over this. Really… I just don’t understand how things happen and it doesn’t bother people. And when I try to speak my mind about it, you tell me the past is the past and I need to forget it. Hell no! I will not forget it! You can find your past online. You know what I get when I look up my last name? White people on both sides. I have no real last name. I can’t find my history and it makes me feel like I’m not whole. I don’t belong. I feel empty knowing that I will never know anything about my homeland because I don’t even know where I’m from.

People say “Oh you’re being racist to white people.” Man shut up! My best friends were always white! I never saw color as a child. I grew up in Hawaii and it wasn’t until I got to Georgia that I realized color.  Why? Because a little white girl called me the n word. I didn’t even know what that meant. Sorry if you feel this is crap and you think I’m whining. This is just how I feel and people can say racism no longer exists….you’ve never witnessed racism…how the hell do you know? You are the majority.

I’m done.

Beach Day!!

Today I saw my sexy friend shirtless…. When he asked me and Jaz to rub sunscreen on him as he took off his shirt

We were like ok…… sexy man!  We rubbed alot on him…. his shoulders, neck and back and he was like “thanks guys” and walked away like me and Jaz didn’t just molest him haha!

I name today the Best Day Ever!!

Today me and Jazzy (ohheyitsjaz) went out for the whooooole day.  We ate at a Korean BBQ place and it was so yummy! The staff was sexy too haha! Then we did some karaoke  It was amazing.  I will make a post about all of this later though! For now let’s focus on the gyaru!  I dressed gyaru for the whole day for the first time.  Jazzy did her Ulzzang but it still felt like a gyaru outing. My lashes stayed on all day!  They are Dolly Wink: Sweet Cat lashes.  My friend Gaby got them for me when she went to Japan!  Anywho let’s get to the pictures! Tips are welcomed!!

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I have sinned....

TODAY, I followed someone because they were hot :)

Yep I did it.. I always go for content…but he soooo cute!! Like leave GD cute! And you know I love KWON future Asian baby daddy but he doesn’t know yet…. But I feel that if I look at his pics enough. I’ll feel better :) And once I show my friends they all gonna be like


OMG GD, yes!