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"Ah, N'Doul, it's been a while. I have some news to indulge you in if you're interested."

The stand user blinked a few times after recognizing the voice, staring at the man in front of him with interest. Even if his eyes looked as dead as they usually did, they were moving just like a seeing person’s could.

Ringo…? Huh, you’re paler than I imagined. Either way, what do you want to tell me?”


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Doule ka Meetha Bread Pudding - INDIAN RECIPES

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M!A: Congratulations. Through some advancement in magic, I can grant you the sight you never had. Behold! I flex my mighy anon power at you and hereby announce that you have sight for a week!

For someone used to a world of pure darkness, the sudden concept of light is blinding. He wants to scream at first, but no voice comes out. N’Doul feels dizzy, nauseous even, as the images form themselves in front of his eyes. It’s a great effort to shut them, but it doesn’t feel like it is enough. The light is always there and he can’t ignore it, even if he forces his eyes enough to hurt.

What- What the hell is going on?!” The stand user is suddenly so bothered by his sight that it messes with his perception. His hearing doesn’t feel as sharp for a moment and he almost feels lost. It would take the man a while to gather courage to open his eyes again, and then face all he always knew in such a different way.