Heeeey, so I just hit 100+ followers on this blog and to be quite honest, I never expected to surpass 30. Mainly because I’m really new to roleplaying anime/manga characters on tumblr and Terence isn’t really a main character in any way.

I want to thank you all for being so kind and inviting and giving me the chance to have some fun with you. Keep being fantastic!

Oh, by the way, some of these roleplayers have more than one account that didn’t show up on the list, but please feel free to check their other muses!! They are simply amazing!

The Minions

loversofsteel magneticcurse warriorofthevoid n-doul just-your-fool rubbersoulrero no-2kindofguy sethanshadow axeweildingsethan wheels-of-fates-and-fortune greedosiris enyaba midriffpriestess shamandevo 

The Masters

lockupzawarudo solidgoldbrass kono-kyuuketsuki-da baneofthejoestars theworldsqueen beststandtheworld bohemianheroes yoshikagexkira dochikushoga 14phrases 

The Heroes

new-kakyoin censoredlamb chardargent jojoincontrol hamonmasters ladyofogrestreet the-green-hierophant jotarocujohs deminxtus femmedxargent cherrygirlnoriko returntothefadedsea goldxxperience bamboladoro operativebucciarti delxnquent pureplatinumstar uminohoshi anikicostello jojoisthenewblack demaviemeralds 

The Wild cards

lanafierce cut-sew stone-researcher thatsmissodangotoyou slowridesfastlife pinkheadache embryonsfinest