Comic summary: The weak stubborness

I realised that the first time that I translate this one it was wrong and I think that this one deserve to have a better translation because damn the story is so touching it made me wanna cry. The way that this artist drew baby!Kagami also is so cute I just can’t. The comic is called the weak stubbornness

Note: For maximum feels, please listen to this song as you read it.

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Ronnie, what are you doing here? Making a cameo… Not really, I’m gonna be vital to the plot later.

The plot thickens… Some more. I’m sure y’all reading have a lot of questions. And those will be answered. Eventually.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this comic. As I’ve stated all across this tumblr, I have big, BIG plans going forward. You’ll be seeing updates and noticed for more stories, prologues and parallels before the start of 2015. When that start of the year comes… The really story begins~

Again, I hope you all enjoyed this story and are looking forward to the this, THE WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT, in the near future.

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