T-Cats: Incidentals Sheet One by *farfie-kins

From desctiption:


Hiya guys, long time no see! Some quick news, I’m trying to create a new group called Farfie-land (Pending), and it’s basically a club dedicated to your guy’s renditions of some of the characters that I’ve designed. ^^ Once it goes up, or if it does, of course I’ll make a journal about it. I know many of you guys know that I love designing incidental characters (extra characters in cartoons/entertainment) and changing designs, but what I love seeing as equally is your renditions of those characters as well. ^^ So if this comm goes up, it will showcase my designs drawn by you as well as serve as a personal art collection. *crosses fingers*

After designing those Tigersharks, I’ve been itching to jump back on the OC bandwagon. I’m not a person who usually spends time on creating backstories for characters too much, so these descriptions might be brief, but hey, if you guys want to create some backstory, feel free!

From Left to Right:

Ferry: Ferry’s based on a Tibetan Fox. I tried giving him a more squarish head for which Tibetan Fox’s are famous, I think I’m almost there, but I kept fiddling too much with it, so I left it as is. As long as he comes across as dismissive, I’m good. XD

Senin: Based on the Abyssinian cat. He’s hot…. and that’s about it… And I’m sorta imagining him to have a rivalry with Cheetara. Because it would be hot. Super hot.

Clamtaro & Clamtila: Please tell me you know what these animals are…. XD jk, so obviously based on clams, and guess what, they have feet! Or feelers… ^^ btw, the “l” in Clamtila is like a y sound, like in tortilla. So it’s pronounced like Clamtiya.

Pug-tzu & Pug-li: Yeah… So I have a penchant for some of the deadliest animals ever, sharks, orcas, crocodiles… but then you got Pugs. Pugs also make my top animal list. I have two pugs at home, and all I know is that they are incredibly squishable and make extremely poor guard dogs. Anyone who knows me in person knew that this was coming…