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ERGGhh! That’s so horrible what the fuck??

I KNOW !! There’s a whole tag and a bunch of blogs and I just CAN’T BELIEVE what I’m seeing right now I swear to god if I ever see a guy take a creepshot of a girl I WILL STRAIGHT UP YELL AND PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE this is so disgusting and so violating in so many ways I can’t believe it 

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the camera does stuff to the image like flattens it, buggers up perspective, colours, lighting, shadow etc. drawing from a life model you have an opportunity to see their beautiful body do great things! and the length of their pose can affect your drawing

But isn’t it like your job to restore all of that ? All these life details, aren’t you the one supposed to create them ? I don’t know really, I mean maybe it’s more the artists’ job to bring life in his art than to just “return” it ? I don’t know if that even makes sense haha but yeah…