When Tradition and Technology Collide

The recent Sakahàn exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada is an amazing collection of contemporary art created by Indigenous artists from around the world. Installations, photographs, sculptures, videos, paintings; there is something for everyone. What about new media? Well, there is some of that too!

Tlingit artist Doug Smarch is a conceptual artist whose piece Lucinations (2010) is one of the many amazing projections on display in Sakahàn. What is intriguing about this piece is that the materials combined are near polar opposites of each other; both natural and technological elements. The ‘screen’ used for Doug’s work is made up of hundreds of white feathers, while the video projection is a collection of various computer-generated images, done through the computer program Maya. His piece tells the story of a man, looking for a lost relative, and asking for help from a medicine man. After being turned into a fox by the medicine man, the protagonist of the legend finds his relative in the next village, but also a dark cloud above the village, an omen. This omen became known as the Alaskan Highway.

In a way, the materials specifically reference the legend. The feathers, a natural material often featured in traditional art and regalia, can be seen as a symbol for life before the highway, while the juxtaposition of a new media projection can be seen as the highway, paving over the traditional way of life. taking over it.

If you would like to see his work for yourself, Lucinations (2010) will be on display at the National Gallery until the 2nd of September.

If you’re interested in other works found in the Sakahàn exhibit, please read my fellow A&SJ writer Lea Hamilton’s post on another video piece, currently on display at the National Gallery.

-Anna Paluch

Somebody on tumblr changed my life.

He probably doesn’t even know how deeply he has affected my life.  It has nothing to do with romance, or finding a place to belong, or finding a kindred spirit.  He said something that made me realize that I was being ungrateful for the life I have.  

I still have crummy days.  Sometimes I forget to be thankful for what I have.  Some days I hate the world, and sometimes I’m a bitch.

How could I read this and not just feel a right ass for taking my own life for granted.  Be thankful you have that life to live.  Be thankful you get to fuck up, fall down and get back up again.  Fuck Cancer, and Fuck being sad.  

Thanks for changing my life Dougie.  You’ve made me a better person. 

Last night we had the pleasure of going to the CBGB Premiere of ‘Broadway Idiot’ the documentary on American Idiot. It is actually a wonderful documentary, the team should be really proud of what they put together. We’re super excited that we got to go. We grabbed some photos and videos for you. Here are the photos, videos to follow!