je fais une overdose de feels c'est pas bien aaaaaaaaaaaah j'ai la poitrine en feu à cause de ce putain de yaoi uuuuuuuuuuughh j'ai pas besoin de ce sentiment là, j'suis déjà assez stressée vu que j'dois me lever à 6h et quelques et il est 2h du mat’…… où est la cooooorde, je dois me pendreeeeeeee

anonymous asked:

Yo I'm sorry some people are being douchebaguettes to you. You don't deserve it cause you are kind, smart , and funny. I would know because I first followed while you still did compatibility ( not because I wanted compatibility done I saw a funny post you did and followed you). People have been shit to you and it probably doesn't have to deal with you just because of a problem in their own life. Stay strong my friend and fuck those other shit stains.

this is such a kind message, thank you for sending this to me :)