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mooncat9000 asked:

Hello. I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and I think it’s great. I’ve got a question about freelance writing. I’m not sure that it’s been covered here before; searched “freelance” in the box, but didn’t get any posts showing up. Anyway, I’m an aspiring novelist, and I’m looking to get into freelance writing, and was wondering if you or any of your readers had some advice. I’m delusion-free - not expecting millions, just something roughly equal to a P/T job. Thanks!

I have to admit, I know very little about this! So I asked the yeah writers and did a little research, and here’s what I came up with:

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Should you edit as you go along?

dragoninatrenchcoat asked:

Hey! I’ve been working on a novel for a while, and my process was to just start writing and let it iron itself out. Now I’m 20k words into this book and I have a really good handle on what it is and where it’s going–but some of the scenes I’ve written are inappropriate, written from a POV character I’ve abandoned, and/or just plain factually wrong. Should I just keep writing and fix it later, or should I go back right now and fix it all because of how incredibly wrong it is? Thanks!

Haha, I was just thinking about your question when I came across this quote by Lauren Beukes that sums it up perfectly:

Finish the damn book. Nothing else matters. Stop second guessing yourself and write it through to the end. You don’t know what you have until you’ve finished it. You don’t know how to fix it until it’s all down on the page.

Ie, keep writing and fix later! 

If you think about a perfectly finished story like a perfectly finished sculpture, your first draft is the part of the process where you’re collecting your clay. Once you have all of your clay in a big enough lump (ie, you’ve reached your word count goal), you can start shaping it into the beautiful, finished sculpture that it will become.

A lot of writers will even hammer out a first draft and then start the whole process over, making changes to their second write-through based on what they discovered in that first draft. If keep going back to edit before you’ve finished, there’s a good chance you’ll get stuck doing that and never actually write your story to its end. Also, the scenes that you find inappropriate now may not be once you’re at the finish line; you need the perspective that comes from standing at the end of the narrative.

Now, there are some writers who will read back over what they wrote the day before and make minor changes before embarking on the next day’s writing. For example, Joan Didion talks about doing that in this interview. But I think that probably works because she’s only looking at what she wrote the day before, and she’s only making minor edits (I’d guess more line edits than anything else). But the organization of that process keeps her from getting caught up in infinite loop of back editing.

So yes, carry on! Especially since you feel strongly that you know where your story is headed—that’s awesome. Good luck & hope this helps!

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Who needs a summer internship!?

Hey yeah writers! I’m looking for a summer intern*. You can read the full description and check out our company website here.

I love my job—my company is small and awesome, the people are so interesting and kind, and we do really cool work. This is a great internship for anyone who’s interested in all things digital, specifically social media. We have a lot of former English majors at my company too, including our CEO and me! We’re looking for someone who’s a rising junior or senior in college and who can commute to our office in downtown Manhattan about 3 days per week (but we’re very flexible about hours, start and end dates, etc.).

We found our current intern via Tumblr and we looove her (she’s an English major too!), so I thought I’d extend the message again :)

Yay, I hope that if you think it sounds good, you’ll apply!

*Note that this internship has nothing to do with Tumblr or Yeah Write, but I am more than happy to talk about either of those things over lunch if you intern here :)

Mine is to finish this godforsaken novel I’ve been working on for like 5 years. My goal is 10,000 words per month until next December or I finish, whichever comes first. I’ve won NaNo so this is a very lazy word count but IT NEEDED TO BE DONE.

What’s your 2015 Writing Resolution? Send it to us in an ask and I’ll add it to this post!

belle-rowley: My writing goal for 2015 is to be fearless, and to have faith in my abilities and my inspirations to write!

flowerswrappedinbacon: My new years writing resolution is to finish my novel and then start (and possibly finish!) the other novel that’s supposed to go with it!

wordswenevergottosay: my 2015 writing resolution is to get back to it. To start making the time to write everyday even if I don’t “write” anything or have any inspiration. But I need to make the time, to form the habit, because one day the light bulb will light up like lightning.

karajorgensen: My writing resolutions for 2015 are: 1. Finish and publish my second novel by March 2. Write every day (blog post, chapter, or random scene) 3. Get a good chunk of book three done

thedailygiggy: Writing resolution: I will not delete my writings in-progress. I will keep going until they’re finished.

estaticallymelancholy: My 2015 writing resolution is to finish my first book

devdasbfunky: I am like you. I’ve been actively working on a novel for about 4 years now. So, 2015 would be my fifth year and I WANT IT DONE! I know it’s doable. I don’t have a word count goal but I want to finish at least 2 chapters a month, that would have me done by June and rewrites through the summer and fall. I might cry and/or run through the streets screaming when I’m finally in a good place. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

spicybumblebee: My 2015 Writing Resolution is to write everyday, even if it’s only a few words about the color of the sky on a notecard I found randomly in my purse. Can’t finish a novel if I don’t actually write.

my-fearless-destiny: My writing resolution for 2015 is to start getting into the habit of writing everyday. At least once a day to write down thoughts or write stories that have been in my head forever!

thereddrawingboard: Re: Writing Resolution/Goal/Task/Habit 2015: “Write AT LEAST ONE NOTEBOOK PAGE EVERY DAY.”

scparrisauthor: My New Years Writing Resolutions: Finish book 3 and get it into the publisher by early 2015, then immediately get started on books 4 & 5 until both are done in time for publication in 2016. Also finish up other novel. :)

antisocialnondancer: My writing resolution this year is: five submissions / month :)

greenkneehighs: My resolution is to get the first draft of this novel done by mid-May.

caederemus: my writing goal is to actually start writing things maybe (that aren’t essays for school or poems when I’m upset)

oceancolored: I want to write something for myself (not school or work related) every day of 2015.

thatchickwhofangirlsaboutfandoms: My writing resolution is to proofread my Wattpad story and continue writing chapters

pariven: My writing resolution is to actually work on this novel that my friend and I are planning. As well as to work on my own personal writing more.

ageofava: My 2015 writing resolution is to finish my English Extension 2 Major Work at a comfortable pace and to be proud of my end result; I will write on my topic - random, stream-of-consciousness style writing - until there’s a good basis for my story.

karenmorgenstern02: My writing resolution is to write everyday for at least three hours and write as much short stories as I can.

kittehscorner: Writing resolutions: get into a regular writing schedule, without fail

quartermastersearlgrey: My writing resolution is 1000 words per day (or 7000 per week). I don’t have any specific project in mind. Just want a dedication to write.

mrdraco88: My writing resolution for 2015 is to simply just write a little everyday. A small short story from all these wonderful writing prompts I have.

morningstar1399: For the writing resolutions: As a writer, I do have some resolutions. For one thing, I’d like to finish some of my old work. For another, I know I need to write more often. This will help me improve and keep my inspiration. Along with that, when I feel the urge to write, I need to go ahead and write. It just might help me get back into the groove of writing. I think that’s it…..

cantaloupecats: My New Year’s Writing Resolution is to start a novel!