1T. Arches National Park (click on pic to see more pics!)

Third post - Devil’s Garden at Arches is probably one of the most challenges hikes I have done so far. Although there was nothing difficult about it, it was challenging because it was my first time hiking in the dessert under constant sunlight, heat and sand. The trail is beautiful, it’s about 7 miles round trip and you get to see so many arches and kangaroo rats. On the way back, there was a moment were I could not hear or see any living creature. I was in complete solitude.

My favorite Arches on this trail are Double O Arch (I went up to the top of this one!) Navajo Arch (had a tree that looked exactly like a Christmas tree) we had lunch at this one, and Landscape Arch (amazingly thin…and beautiful).

Things to remember:

Reapply sunblock (really!) I ended up with this mark on my legs that shows very clearly where my pants ended.

Bring lots of water (at least 3 litters) dessert hear and dehydration are no joke!

Keep your eyes open for the cute little kangaroo rats. Don’t feed them though.

Enjoy those moments of complete solitude. The dessert is something to be admired.