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- In a small town called Beltsville in the U.S.state of Maryland, stories have been passed down by teenagers for the last forty to fifty years of a creature that is said to haunt the local woods and in particular a long stretch of road notorious for being a lovers lane.

A young couple parked their car after a date in 1957 along this track, named Fletchertown Road, and were canoodling when something hit the hood of the car, making a huge noise. They would later report to media that they found themselves being leered at by a “tall, horned man” that resembled a goat. If that wasn’t frightening enough, the man seemed to be waving what looked like a double-edged axe at them. The creature was then said to have turned and ran into the woods.

This was to be the first reported sighting of Goatman and over the years many have seen and described encounters with this creature. It is said to be between 7-8 feet tall and weighing 300 pounds, with the upper body of a normal human man, but a horned head and the legs and feet of a goat. In most accounts it is covered in fur, in other versions it is only partially covered.

What originally seemed to be an urban legend regarding young lovers being watched turned slowly into tales of the creature supposedly decapitating a man who pursued it into the woods one night. Over the years residents have claimed not only is the creature responsible for pets going missing or being killed, but it also has a deviant sexual aspect as many believe it has entered peoples homes and raped men and women.

Many believe the stories began due to the presence of an old hermit who, in the 1960s, resided in the nearby woods, and was seen regularly walking in and out of town at night along Fletchertown Road. A story began circulating that the creature was once a scientist who worked at a nearby agricultural laboratory who, while conducting experiments on goats, went mad and begun walking the back roads weilding an axe. Another version has an old farmer seeking revenge on local teenagers who killed a flock of his goats.

Stories of a similar creature are also told in Fort Worth, Texas where the creature is said to reside and haunt the local lake, hence it has come to be called the Lake Worth Monster. This creature was also said to watch young couples parked on the lake in the sixties, with many of the witnesses describing a very similar creature, but with scales!

Local police considered it to be a joke up until late 1969 when a young man claimed he and his lady friend were attacked while in the car, and showed an 18 inch scar on the side of his car where he claimed the creature slid an axe along his door. The following night the creature was seen by at least a dozen people when it hurled a tyre at drivers from a bluff, it is said that a photograph of the creature, the only one known to exist, was taken that night. Soon media started reporting that several local high school students had admitted to police to pulling several pranks by wearing a gorilla suit and walking along the lakefront. However, many of the then-teenage eyewitnesses still attest to this day that they saw a genuine monster.

A third creature similar in description and behaviour is said to be living underneath a train trestle in Louisville, Kentucky. The Pope Lick Monster, named after the creek below the train trestle, is said to be more malovolent in its nature, luring trespassers that dare tred onto the trestle in front of oncoming trains by supposedly using hypnosis or voice mimicry. In some accounts it also has an axe and has been known to jump down onto cars passing under the trestle.

In 1988 a local filmmaker created a 16 minute film called The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster, which caused controversy due to many railroad officials becoming concerned that teenagers would start climbing the trestle. An 8 foot tall fence was erected and signs warning trespassers were placed nearby, however it has not stopped a number of people from getting inside the area and making claims of seeing the creature.

Many in these areas, especially religious folk, consider the creatures demonic and the spawn of Satan. However many believe the stories are nothing but exaggerated legends told by youth around campfires.

Are there a number of hybrid human-goat men scaring people still in America?
If so, what are they?
Or are these examples of urban legends with a cryptozoological twist?

Matt Sweeney 2014 of Marvels and the Macabre with Matty
Put together by Ashley Hall 2014

Main: Reinactment, likely from a movie.
Left: The trestle bridge from the Pope Lick Monster legend.
Right: A film crew captured this blurry footage of the goatman… they are always blurry!

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Double Edge // Sherlock & Severus

Long days added up to long weeks, which added up to Sherlock Holmes not doing any work over weekends. It was his personal philosophy that the weekends were to be spent entirely in his mind palace. Sherlock perched himself up in one of the windows of the Owlery, closing his eyes and steepling his fingers in front of his lips.

Heels clicked as another student walked in, and Sherlock whipped his eyes open, turning to face him.




emika - double edge

Trying to convince a friend to watch Ink because it's awesome...

…and am now looking at the itunes soundtrack of it.

Guys, it’s 9.99 that’s like way more then I spend on itunes at one time ever.

Guys, I’m not sure I care I love this soundtrack so much.

Guys, watch Ink please because it’s a little slow, it’s not as polished as some big budget hollywood thing (it’s a low budget indie movie), but it’s got a lot of heart.

Guys, it’s free on Hulu and on Netflix and I heard it got put on youtube recently.

Guys, I’m serious watch it or I’ll cry. 

Listen/purchase: Double-Edge by Equilibria

Still really fucking proud of this track. Probably my best melodic work to date and a show of how well me and Ionic Force work together when we’re Equilibria, and to think this was Equilibria’s debut. I know it has mastering problems and the project was a pain in the ass (files corrupting, delay issues, restarting the whole thing from scratch halfway through, and so on), but I’m still amazed on how the final product turned out.

The harmonies in the last break and the hard hitting final drop still get me to grin like mad.

I also wanted to mention Kansaibou, who was kind enough to allow us to use his awesome art for our cover art and we are extremely grateful for that. I definitely feel it adds to the track’s “plot”.