important things i want people to think about: kids now who are going to be teenagers later looking back like “shucks my first fictional crush was [some cartoon kid on tv rn]” and going through this whole moment of realization over how much they liked that character and still do. also kids currently who have massive crushes on fictional characters in cartoons like some kid like “oh shucks dipper pines is so cute” please remember this its so adorable.

Ep 1 - Tourist Trapped
Ep 2 - The Legend of the Gobblewonker
Ep 3 - Headhunters
Ep 4 - The Hand That Rocks the Mabel
Ep 5 - The Inconveniencing
Ep 6 - Dipper vs. Manliness
Ep 7 - Double Dipper
Ep 8 - Irrational Treasure
Ep 9 - The Time Traveler’s Pig
Ep 10 - Fight Fighters
Ep 11 - Little Dipper
Ep 12 - Summerween
Ep 13 - Boss Mabel
Ep 14 - Bottomless Pit!
Ep 15 - The Deep End
Ep 16 - Carpet Diem
Ep 17 - Boyz Crazy
Ep 18 - Land Before Swine
Ep 19 - Dreamscaperers
Ep 20 - Gideon Rises
Ep 21 - Scary-oke
Ep 22 - Into the Bunker
Ep 23 - The Golf War
Ep 24 - Sock Opera
Ep 25 - Soos and the Real Girl

Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained

Mabel’s Guide to Life

Fixin’ It with Soos

TV Shorts


Mabel’s Scrapbook

I’ll try to update it when a new episode comes out. And if any of the links aren’t working, come message me and i’ll do what I can :D