Taking off his hat and sticking that black spear back into the ground, he took the pipe from between his teeth and planted a chaste kiss on her full lips. A first kiss was nothing to be rough with. He did not want her to think him pushy, or crude. She was no tavern maid to enjoy a bit of slap and tickle. Besides, he could almost feel all those eyes watching. Someone snickered. Selucia rolled her eyes.
Tuon folded her arms beneath her breasts and looked up at him through her long eyelashes. “Do I remind you of your sister?” she asked in a dangerous tone. “Or perhaps your mother?” Somebody laughed. More than one somebody, in fact.
Grimly, Mat tapped the dottle from his pipe on the heel of his boot and stuffed the warm pipe into his coat pocket. He hung his hat back on the ashandarei. If she wanted a real kiss… . Had he really thought she would not fill his arms? Slim, she was to be sure, and small, but she filled them very nicely indeed. He bent his head to hers. She was far from the first woman he had kissed. He knew what he was about. Surprisingly-she did not know. She was a quick pupil, though. Very quick.
—  Robert Jordan, Knife of Dreams, Chapter twenty five, pae five hundred and sixty four
geronimo | gem & addie

Ravenclaw felt unsteady beneath hir feet. Gryffindor felt too warm, Hufflepuff too enclosed.

Also, Grayson had his stuff and so did Dottle Little, Angus however? Ze knew there had been A Thing he asked of hir, or something. There was at least A Thing that nagged at hir and it must have been important, since it warranted Capital Letters. Probably was important enough to merit a trip to Slytherin.

Slytherin, for a lack of a better word, was green. The play of the light through the Black Lake was beautiful and Addie adored it. So much so that ze unconsciously mimicked it with a shudder, from head to toe. To be fair, ze was quite fond of the rest of the common rooms but Slytherin won in hir opinion because it was just that great.

Though the cool temperature wasn’t very favourable. Ze now understood why ze didn’t pop down here as often. Shivering slightly, Addie hugged hirself - only to see what fucking shade ze had gone. “Ew, gross, nope, nope not doing it.” Another shudder and right as rain ze was - well, minus the green of hir hair and the almost radioactive shade of hir eyes. Ze nodded, unaware of this and not particularly caring anymore, then glanced around. Oh, that was right. Ze had a purpose. Cupping hir hands around hir mouth, Addie bellowed “ANGUS!!!”