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Hi, I submitted a drawing a week or so ago, but it was never posted… Was it not good enough? I'd understand, I'm can't actually draw, I just thought the idea was funny ^_^.

hi hi hi

ok so this response can go for all who have submitted and have not been posted.

One of a few things may have happened:

  1. It’s in the queue
  2. Either myself or Zach say it, lol’d, and left it in submissions, to be queued later (more likely)
  3. It was really truly abysmal

And with this blog, if it’s truly abysmal, it’ll be pretty damn hilarious, so number 2 applies.

Hope this helped~


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Top 5: Blink, Midnight, Waters of Mars, Silence in the Library, Empty Child. Shit, yeah, those are all scary :P They keep doing this to you BECAUSE YOU LIKE IT! Admit it :D

Oh no! That means all the best episodes are now behind me :(
And I have very mixed feelings about all those episodes! There are parts I love about them but I really really really don’t like all the scary stuff. Tv-shows are only supposed to give me emotional damage, not give me a heart attack!


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omg good luck, get some tissues, cake, ice cream, and a blanket.

Thank you for your advice, but as I didn’t get it until afterwards, I had to make do with just the blanket ;)


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How the hell are you at Silence in the Library already?

Time travel.

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ALL River episodes thus far have been Moffat episodes, with the exception of one. And since that was a cameo, it’s likely that Moffat probably wrote her scene even though the episode itself was credited to Gareth Roberts.

Yes, I thought this might be the case. It was more of a “this storyline seems like a Moffat one” type of thing :)


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Now for a season of Martha Jones, Most Annoying New Who Companion Ever… Sterkte. But also: BLINK (S03E10), best DW episode ever!

Oh god, my friends already warned me for Blink, given that I couldn’t sleep after watching The Empty Child. I’m already scared just thinking about it! Will have to watch that in broad daylight. Luckily, I have about 10 episodes to prepare me for that :)


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I love all your GIFs.
I was just a bit surprised at people sometimes (not always) replying to such posts of mine in what I feel to be quite a hostile way. Like, if you think my opinion is stupid, let it go. Or make a post of your own about how people who hate the character are (apparently, objectively!) wrong. Or if you just disagree, say so politely. “Oh, I don’t agree for this and this reason.” No need to get all “ugh you obviously live in a parallel universe ugh so stupid.”

Or is that just me, with the mutual respect thing?