DotaMon: Pokemon is coming to Dota 2

"Dotamon is a real-time, open-world pokemon mod inside Dota 2, solely developed by me with no prior knowledge of lua, actionscript or anything mod-related. The only experience I have is ~2 years of java from high school, 4 years ago. Just goes to show that it isn’t super complicated and anyone should be able to get started by looking at all the various examples already available online.

There are two teams, each with 5 players.The game is split into two phases. The first phase consist of a catch/train phase. This phase will likely last 15-20 minutes. The second phase is a 5v5 battle between the two teams in the arena in the middle of the map.

The map consists of 8 zones where the player can find Dotamon, as well as an arena in which the second phase of the mod occurs. Players start on top of the arena with access to teleporters to the entrances of each of the 8 zones.”

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Dotamon: um mod da fusão de Dota 2 e Pokémon

STUNA QUE EU CAPTURO! Depois do mod de Dota 2 inspirado em Mario Kart (que nós já mostramos para vocês aqui), agora chegou a vez de inovar! Que tal misturar Pokémon com Dota? O resultado é o DotaMon, um mod que está sendo criado pelo usuário Sma11P1ays, do Reddit. MAS COMO ESSE TRECO FUNCI…

Woah, Someone Is Building Pokémon Inside of Dota 2

Ever think to yourself, man, Tidehunter is pretty much just a really buff Squirtle? No? That just me?

Regardless, someone is working to mash together both Pokemon and Dota, and it’s an idea that might just be crazy enough to work. It’s called DotaMon, of course, and it’s a mod that’s being developed by Sma11P1ays.

Here’s how it works. There are two teams of five players each. Each player controls a trainer with 6 custom abilities, which they can use to capture, summon and eventually battle with DotaMon. Right now, there are 151 DotaMon in the mod, which is kind of a perfect number.

From Sma11P1ay’s pre-release post:

A Dotamon has access to 4 active abilities and one passive ability. It can reach lvl 10 and can start at any lvl from 1 to 7. At the start of the game, most wild Dotamon will be lvl 1, with some being lvl 2. As the game progresses, the starting levels of wild Dotamon will increase.

A Dotamon will start with one targetted damaging ability - in this case, Magikarp starts with Splash. The next 3 abilities are unlocked depending on evolutions. Magikarp learns Surf at lvl 3, evolves into Gyarados at lvl 6, learns Twister at lvl 7 and then Hyper Beam at lvl 9. Most later moves will be skill shots to encourage an interesting final battle which will hopefully play similarly to Bloodline Champions.

A Dotamon can also evolve by using the appropriate elemental stone.

In addition, no 2 Dotamon will ever be the same. As you can see in the next picture, there are 2 Gastlys in the Centre. Both Gastlys have different stats and they even have different passive abilities.

Every now and then, an unusual Dotamon will spawn that will look different from the regular Dotamon of the same name. The difference is purely aesthetic (WIP - no access to current valve models to change colors but will implement whenever possible)

Sounds pretty neat, right?

The mod isn’t in the workshop just yet, but they’re still working on it. The main problem is coding all the abilities for the DotaMon, which is a task that takes a considerable amount of time. We’ll make sure to update you, should it start existing in a public playable state.

You can read more details about DotaMon here.

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beforeitwasspooky said:

I am so excited for the misdreavus / spectre picture that will come eventually (i hope) :333

Thanks for your excitement! c: I was actually thinking of doing misdreavus/Death Prophet and haunter/Spectre but maybe I should just stick all the ghosty people in one picture…. hmmm.

gamergamora said:

Theres also Cresselia which is the Lunar Pokemon

Yep - I’m getting to the point where there’s just no clear ‘best choice’ in my mind and I have to pick the one which will make the best/most fun image!

yakkers1717 said:

I would love to see a crossover with Slark, lots of pokemon could go with that so I'll leave it up to youuuu, but maybe mudkip?

Oh man yes, I adore Slark’s design and character, one of my favourites in DOTA 2 for sure! I don’t have anyone picked out yet for him - I was thinking carvanha possibly but hadn’t thought about it too hard yet. Like you said, sometimes there’s just no clear winner! Mudkip would be a fun contrast. I’ll have to think about it some more but thank you!