Captain Fluffybritches Makes a Friend (And So Does Sam Wilson)

Remember how I promised to post an adorable fic I wrote about when Sam and Riley met Steve and Bucky? Yeah, I almost forgot about it.


Lucky for you, I remembered.

A couple years back—a lifetime ago, really, in the days where he slept like a caveman and waited for letters from home (not home the place but home the person)—Sam overheard one of the guys talking about how, sometimes, little kids are drawn to broken people. “Well, kids and dogs,” the guy’d joked, and Sam’d grit his teeth to keep from reaching over and punching the laughter right out of him.

Broken people, he’d scrawled in a letter a couple days later, the sand beating against the roof like the world’s most persistent hail. Who the fuck says that, huh? Who the fuck thinks we’re not all coming out of this broken?

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COME BACK WHEN YOU CAN — songs Steve Rogers listens to while lying in bed thinking about Bucky Barnes, probably — [LISTEN]

you’ve done nothing at all to make me love you less.

anarialm said:

Does Bucky have army buddies he still hangs out with? Super tough guys who are forced into a tea party with Dot.

“Hold up your pinky, Gabe!” Dum Dum snaps, and Bucky bites back a laugh.

Bucky’s army friends only visit about once a year, descending on Suffolk County and dragging Bucky and Steve out for junk food and beer. But Steve’s laid up with the same flu that’s rendered Tony useless, and without a babysitter, they’re here.

At Dot’s tea table.

Drinking iced tea out of tiny cups.

“Can I get another cookie, Dot?” Jim asks.

“What do you say?” Dot replies haughtily.

Jim glances at Monty, who shrugs. “Please?”

“Okay,” Dot says, and nods at Jacques to pass the plate.

I don’t know what this is but I wanted to write Lola fic. Basically this what happens when you want your OC to be bffs with your friend’s OC and have Lola thrown in the mix.

Dot Barnes belongs to Kate and the MPU fyi.


"I am not stealing my dad’s car, Dottie," Emily huffs, crossing her arms and trying her best to give her friend a stare down. Since she was little, she has learned to respect her fathers’ wishes and rules and the most important one has been to not touch Lola, her dad’s vintage cherry red corvette that she only got to drive once in her life on her 16th birthday.

"It’s not stealing per say, it’s more like borrowing,” Dot counters.”And I HATE when you call me Dottie.”

"Okay one, it’s totally stealing if I don’t ask him or daddy permission. Two, it’s probably got an alarm system that activates if you even breathe on it and gives my dad a warning on his phone. Or it has laser protection, who knows.He’s crazy about Lola.”

"And three," Emily says, counting off her fingers."I only call you Dottie because I love teasing you and calling you that is my way of saying that this is a bad idea that will get me in trouble with my dad and have him send my sorry ass to a boarding school in Siberia."

"I’m pretty sure there’s no boarding schools out in the middle of Russia," Dot says, rolling her eyes and then ungracefully rolling off of Emily’s bed till she landed on the carpet."He won’t even know we went by it, let alone breathed on it."

"Dot," Emily warns."There’s a reason why the rule of the house and at my dad’s work is ‘Don’t touch Lola’. And I don’t want to find out in my lifetime why nobody should touch her so let’s just finish this damn project so we can goof off the rest of the weekend."

"Fine!" Dot whines out and throws her arms up."Not my fault your dads haven’t bought you your own car yet and we’re stuck here till they come back from their date with the one car you’re allowed to drive."

"They’re at the store getting us food for the weekend because you’re staying over since YOUR parents are out of town!" Emily counters,  finally getting up from her desk and stretching out her poor back."Or did you forget about that too?"

"No I didn’t and they’ve been gone for almost two hours now. I’m pretty sure they went on a date and are going to bring us pizza for dinner instead of the cookout they were planning on doing."

"Whatever. Let’s just forget the car nonsense and my parents and let’s go outside before it gets too dark," suggested Emily, giving her back a quick crack and going by Dot to give her a lift."I need an effing break from this stupid project and so do you apparently if you wanted to get out of the house and go for a drive."

"Not my fault we got stuck with a lame history period that’s driving us both crazy. It’s just lucky we have to run you like a collie every now and then to get rid of the crazy," Dot grins, grabbing Emily’s hand and standing up."Seriously, you have too much energy sometimes.It’s crazy."

"Not my fault I need an outlet and so do the dogs, now that I think about it," she replies, before dragging Dot out of her room and down the stairs, only to see the dogs waiting for them to come down and let them outside.

Happy birthday, Dot!

This ficlet both turned out very long and also is as much about Steve and Bucky as it is about Dot. I’d apologize, but I’m not actually sorry. Regardless, this is the story of Dot’s sixth birthday party, and it’s pretty damn cute.


“Do you remember when she was tiny?” Bucky asks, and Steve glances over at him.

Dot’s criteria for her sixth birthday had consisted of two things: first, it had to be at the “big park by Uncle Tony’s where we take the dogs and I play on the really tall playground,” and second, it needed to include all the girls in her class at school plus all the girls at her dance studio. The end result involved forty-three invitations.

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I called my dad at 3 a.m. because I thought he’d be proud that I didnt get arrested.Daddys little girl at her finest…


Which then wakes up their respected husband because of all the yelling and then they have to talk to their kid(Bucky would be proud there’s no denying that but I have a feeling Phil would be a bit disappointed and feel like he’s REALLY too old for this kind of shit)

(And then either Dot or Emily would text this to each other to make sure they’re still alive and got home okay after running from the police or something.)

Inktober drawing for today. Day 14 #inktober #inktoberday14 “Horsetariat o war” #artwork #arts #artists #drawing #ink #line #thoughts #dots #lines #art #artworks #ky #horse #equineart #horseart #kyart #neigh #horsesounds #barn #farm #animals #animalart #secretariat #allhorseslookthesame #drawhorsesliveinkymakemoney #starvingartist #rural #horsesforhorses #seriouslyhowcanyoutellthedifference #dayjobartist #kentuckyderby #keeneland #bighats #mintjulipinoctober

I DID A THING! :D I haven’t drawn anything for MONTHS but then Bucky in a Fifties dress popped into my head and I just had to get him on paper. Sorry ‘bout the shoddy photo, I’m gonna try to get a better one tomorrow, when there’s some natural light around.

I’ve never even attempted to draw anything shiny metallic as that arm, but I think I did okay. Not sure what’s going on with his head though; it looks sort of off but I can’t figure out why? Oh well.

Color Challenge by laura-gordon featuring porcelain wall art ❤ liked on Polyvore

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Dot, mother nature (aka Dot's first period) and/or Dot, Breaking the rules

“I can’t deal with this,” Steve says, shaking his head. “I can’t talk to her about tampons and toxic shock syndrome and maxipads—”

Bucky cringes. “Maybe don’t call them ‘maxipads.’”

“—and menstrual cramps. I’ve never experienced a menstrual cramp. I’m not qualified to—”

“I swear to god, if you say ‘menstrual’ one more time, I’ll run the car off the road.” Steve tightens his jaw, his whole body going all steel-honed and tense, and in the driver’s seat, Bucky rolls his eyes. They’ve braced for this moment for years, and now, finally, it’s here: Dot’s first period. Or menstruation, as Steve keeps saying, like the technical term will soften the blow of their seventh grader stopping at the bathroom before gym class and discovering that, no, she’s on her way to full-blown puberty.

And Bucky’d thought training bras were bad.

They pull into a parking spot at the middle school, and before Steve can rocket out of the car and head for the front doors, Bucky catches his wrist. “Look,” he says, and his heart hurts when Steve flashes all that big-eyed worry in his direction. “This scares the shit out of me too, okay? But we need to not make it worse for her. She’s probably embarrassed and freaked out. Don’t go full Rogers on her.”

Steve scowls. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, you do,” Bucky replies, and releases his arm.

In the end, they find Dot in the nurse’s office with her eighth-grade best friend and—

“Did you draw bird faces on a dozen pads?” Bucky asks, frowning.

Dot rolls her eyes. “They have wings, Dad!” she announces.

Amy falls off the nurse’s cot, she’s laughing so hard, and Steve sends Bucky a tense look. “Yeah, she’s traumatized by this,” he deadpans.  ”Completely scarred for life, just like you said she would be.”

“I’ll give you a menstrual cramp if you’re not careful,” Bucky mutters, but he’s relieved when Dot grins at him, too.

Part 2 of 4 of Tony’s Halloween party. Some couples and groupings are expected, others less so. Darcy has made a mix.

connect the dots and draw a different picture up, chapter 11.