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  • Wally and Dick new about the room of requirement and made a bet to see who would find it first. Wally searched high and low trying to find it, but Dick won the bet. He asked the house elves in the kitchen.
  • Dick asked Wally to join him at Hogsmeade as a date, but Wally misinterpreted it and thought they were just going as friends. Both boys were really embarrassed when it came out that they had gotten each other confused, but Wally just took Dick’s hand and bought him a butterbeer.
  • Dick and Wally challenged each other to a prank war, but It ended with them tied up to each other, with two weeks detention and Wally not aloud to make potions for a month.
  • Dick and Wally send each other howlers whenever they’re angry. one time after a huge fight, Wally sent a howler to Dick apologizing for being a douche bag and that Dick should never forgive him. Neither of them showed up for Herbology that day.
I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water
  • I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water
  • Grateful Dead
  • 71-12-05 The Felt Forum, NYC, NY

Today’s Daily Dose of the Dead is from the Felt Forum in New York City on December 5, 1971. This is the song “I Washed My Hands in Muddy Waters”.

The Dead only played this one live a single time and this is a song I have not posted before so definitely a rarity. ”I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water” is a song written by Cowboy Joe Babcock and recorded by Stonewall Jackson in 1965, whose version went to number 8 on Hot Country Songs in 1965. The song was also recorded and played by Elvis and the Spencer Davis Group.

This show is well known because it was broadcast live on WNEW in NY and also because it has one of the great Comes a Time versions of any show. Also has one of those amazing Dark Star > Me & My Uncle > Dark Star segues that work so well together.

1: Bertha, BIODTL, Big Boss Man, B. E. Women, Muddy Water, Jack Straw, Mr. Charlie, Tennessee Jed, El Paso, Deal, Playin, Next Time, Comes A Time, Casey Jones, Saturday Night

2: Truckin, Ramble On, Hurts Me Too, Sugaree, Sugar Magnolia, Dark Star Jam> Me & My Uncle> Dark Star Jam> Top Of The World, Bobby McGee, Big RxR Blues, Mexicali, You Win Again, NFA> GDTRFB> NFA

E: Johnny B. Goode


"Well I was born in ol’ Virginia, North Carolina, I did roam. If I’d listen to what daddy told me, I would not be so all alone.”

Ciddi söylüyorum beni bir daha arama, üstümü arama, ruhumu arama
yasak belge arıyorsan kalbim, uyuşturucu arıyorsan adın var sadece
adımda ..Herkese mutlu akşamlar……..

Non soltanto non ho saputo essere cattivo, ma non ho saputo essere niente: nè cattivo nè buono, nè canaglia nè galantuomo, nè eroe nè insetto. E adesso passo i miei giorni qui nel mio cantuccio, burlando me stesso con la maligna e del tutto inutile consolazione che, comunque sia, una persona intelligente non può diventare sul serio qualcosa, giacchè a diventar qualcosa ci riesce solamente l’imbecille.
—  "Memorie dal sottosuolo"


  • Dick wanted to explore on land but Wally didn’t want him making any dumb decisions so Wally found a lake that leads through the city and led Dick through the lakes to explore
  • Wally started talking to a human girl(Artemis) and Dick got jealous and started singing like a siren to lead the girl to her death, but ended up brushing her hair and teaching her how to swim.
  • Wally wanted to try on clothes like a human, So Dick did his best to get a hold of some clothes, but got him a skirt. Dick though Wally would be upset that it wasn’t what the sailors wear, but he got really excited and wore the skirt all day.
  • Dick and Wally have a tradition going where each year on their anniversary they would give each other shells to put on necklaces. Each year the necklace grew and soon they were so full that they had to start new necklaces.

Had a chance to update the pages for some of the events Oranbeg did this summer check them out. 

Last Call @ Dossier Outpost 

For install images from the exhibitions Another and Fresh Detectives

For The Thesaurs Slideshow

One Place or Another @Aviary

For One Place or Another showing the copy stand images of the books and some install images

and will be distributing some copies of Mile High Club by Ian Lewandowski and Angela Cherry!