July 5th > Happy Birthday Bill Watterson

Hopefully you have recovered and adjusted back to the real world after celebrating America’s birthday.  However, today we celebrate another.  It marks the 54th birthday of famous comic strip writer/artist Bill Watterson.  Watterson is still alive and well, so if you stumble across this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.   While you might not recognize his name at first, Watterson is the creator of the beloved comic book strip Calvin and Hobbes.  In his characters, Watterson successfully created a mature stripe that maintained a childlike approach to life’s toughest questions.  Calvin is a smart, wise cracking boy who continually tests his parents’ patience, while Hobbes is his stuffed tiger who is part ferocious animal and part pushover.  They team up to explore life’s more challenging mysteries.   Watterson’s characters are timeless: a boy and his best friend.  Several of us at Dormstormer grew up with the strip and owe a great deal to Watterson’s creations.  Below are a few of our favorites:

And the last strip Watterson wrote on December 31st, 1995:

So in honor of a great cartoonist, we’ve put together a Calvin-esque ensemble that will help you recreate the timeless look we’ve come to love.  One of our favorite brands, O’Neill has some good pieces that easily make the look work.  After putting these on, throw some gel in your hair to give it that messy spike Calvin never fails to support.


O’Neill Shreds Crew Tee


O’Neill contact shorts


Cushzilla Tiger Costume

Do yourself a favor, take a break today and read through some old Calvin and Hobbes strips, you’ll thank us.