Hey guys, in case you haven’t been following the slugbooks channel, Dorms Season 3 has been out with a few episodes now! Dorms is a series about college life that Spastikchuwawa and I created. The characters may have a few youtuber voices that you recognize! If you’d like to catch up on the previous seasons, watch them HERE. New episodes every Tuesday!


College is a time filled with decisions. What to major in, whether or not to join a frat and, most importantly, how to arrange the beds in your dorm room. Once you unpack all your stuff it’s really annoying to move them again. Here are the pros and cons for the seven most common dorm-bed configurations.

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The HoBro Code: A Vagrant’s Guide to Your College Dorm by blogwell

In the early 1900’s, American hobos developed a set of shared secret symbols they used to let fellow bums know what to expect from the residents of any town they drifted into. Now, in the 21st century, the code has been revised so that shitty college kids can exploit the kindness of their dorm mates. Keep reading to learn the secrets of the HoBro Code!

Eastern Michigan University keeps a few residence halls open over break for students who have no place else to go. But not all schools do that.

Students can stay in the dorms for free, but there is a catch: None of the cafeterias are open, so students are on their own for food.

That’s where Joi Rencher comes in.

"I’ve got ramen noodles, chips in here, a bunch of other junk," she says.

Rencher has a filing cabinet near her office on campus that she fills with snacks and food that can be cooked in the microwave. Students like Greer are encouraged to drop by and grab whatever they want. Rencher admits it’s not the healthiest stuff, but it’s something.

There’s No Place Like A Dorm Room For The Holidays

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I play Pepe La Baguette in Episode 20 of DORMS, animated by domics and spastikchuwawa


spotastic asked NYU Freshman on move-in day whether they thought these killers would make good roommates. 

A College Guide for High School Graduates

A College Guide for High School Graduates

My younger brother is starting college this fall, an he and his friends have been asking for a list of things they should have in their dorms aside from the obvious, and of course I can’t help but attempt imparting knowledge at his face.


Small vacuum cleaner: Either a stick vac or a little hand held. You WILL drop things, and eventually you’ll have…

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