Kelsey rebel-blue-jay challenged me to do the ALS Ice bucket challenge, so here you go! :>

The rules are like so: When you are challenged, you have 24 hours to complete the challenge by dumping freezing cold water on your head. If you fail to do it within that time frame, you must donate $100 to the ALS Association here. If you do complete the challenge, you must tag at least three people AND donate any amount to the fundraiser. Yes, you donate if you did it in time too. 

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So, youaretoocoolfool, thelunarangel, and executor-dorkleer, get ready. X3

diablojobs said:

Quick, small question. My fantroll is themed after mail and speed. Would a caduceus be a good sign?

As long as it’s simple enough to be easily remembered (by you, mostly, because if a creator can’t remember how such an important part of their troll’s design looks, it’s kinda pathetic), is clearly a symbol and not a full image (think the kids’ shirt designs vs. the trolls’ symbols), and fits your troll’s theme, any symbol is a good symbol.

- Officer Dorkleer

As you may already know, I’m an overcomplicated piece of shit who likes making people happy, and in this occasion, I’d like to ask you what you want us to do.

Here’s a little list of subjects I’d like you guys to help us with:

  • We’re relatively close to our 100th follower, and I’d like to know what to do to celebrate it.
  • I was thinking about maybe adding more stuff to the blog’s main page to aid navigation or something like that (maybe a rolling banner with news, more sidebar links…), and it’d be great if you gave us ideas on what to add.
  • We’d like to let our followers participate a bit more in the blog’s life and have a more active role overall (maybe have submission-based themed weeks, guest spriters/reviewers/designers…), so it’d be nice if you told us how you’d like to be included in our blog.

Well, that’s all for now. Any idea you might have is welcome and will be taken into account. You can drop yours here or in our askbox. Thanks a lot for reading!

- Officer Dorkleer (who adds an obligatory question mark for the answer box to appear?)

Okay, remember how a while ago I made a post saying how we were like twenty followers away from 100? Well, as of right now, that number has descended to only two followers away from that mark.

What does that mean? It means that a giveaway will be held soon!

However, I’m still really not sure as to what we should give away. We don’t have the means or money to do a real life objects giveaway, so I’ve decided to make it art only. But I still need you guys to give me ideas so as to know what kind of art you’d like to receive in case of winning.

Personally, I like to think myself as being at least moderately good at sprites and talksprites, somewhat okay-ish at drawing, and perhaps acceptable at writing.

I would be really, really grateful if you guys could help me come up with ideas about the prizes that the winners (and the 100th follower, who will get the same prizes as the first place of the giveaway) will receive.

- Officer Dorkleer (Who adds an obligatory question mark to let you answer this?)

anonymous said:

hi. can you take down my trolls 88504926247 Jolzek and 88499218417 Fiorui because I did not ask anyone to put them on this website or to make fun of my characters at all thank you.

Alright, we will. But in order to do so, we’d like to know if you really are the owner of these trolls.

If you are, please provide proof of it. I guess making a journal entry in your DA account with “DL, I’m tired of your crap” and linking us to it will suffice.

- Officer Dorkleer

anonymous said:

question. i saw a certain post of yours and yea the fantroll was pretty bad but. Are you saying that there are NO other bloodcolors WHAT SO EVER besides the ones stated in canon? so does this mean all 3 of my fantrolls are bad because they don't have canon blood colors? (im not the person who had that bad mutant blood seadweller fantroll by the way. good god no)

If you mean castes, then there are only 12 known castes (rust, bronze, gold, lime (which is extinct on Alternia), olive, jade, teal, cobalt, indigo, purple, violet and fuchsia), plus one known mutant caste (candy red).

Now, if you mean actual hex values, then I guess you can go pretty much nuts (as long as it’s not too dark, too pale or too bright). You see, there are hex value differences even between members of the same family (Meenah has the same blood colour as the Condesce, but Feferi’s is a little brighter), and the Grand Highblood’s chamber showed quite a few different-coloured splatters on the walls, so the colours we’ve seen in canon aren’t the absolute only ones. You can see this ask for my method to divide castes, as well as another pretty handy guide to choose blood colours.

So, in short? Your trolls aren’t bad for not having THE EXACT SAME blood colour as their canon caste counterparts. They WOULD be bad, however, if they were obviously mutantbloods (too dark, too pale or too bright) and didn’t hide it, if they had shades instead of colours (black, grey, white…), or if you made an absolute new caste (“dis mah fantrol shes a hot-pinkblood shes higher then feferi xD”).

- Officer Dorkleer

D-dangarang, 103 followers…

I feel really tiny… (it’s a figure of speech, my physique is actually quite commendable)

Anyway, I… wow, let me gather my wits here.

@shadowhowler2277, you were our 100th follower, and therefore, when the giveaway is finished, you’ll receive the prizes that correspond to the 1st place as a thank you gift (there will be a 1st place winner for the giveaway, don’t worry). I’ll make the giveaway post tomorrow, and the winners (and you) will be contacted when it’s finished.

And, well… I’d like to thank you all for sticking with us! It’s not the best blog ever, and boy do we not talk some bull sometimes, but it’s nice to know that at least you guys think we’re funny.


- Officer Dorkleer (who poses in a celebratory fashion)