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  • Bruce Banner Award - Best icon
  • Natasha Romanoff Award - Best url
  • Clint Barton Award - Best domain
  • Tony Stark Award - Best posts
  • Bucky Barnes Award - Best theme
  • Steve Rogers Award - Best graphics/edits
  • Thor Award - Best updates tab
  • Carol Danvers Award - Best sidebar
  • Kate Bishop - Best upcoming blog
  • Erik Lehnsherr Award - Best Marvel Blog
  • Mystique Award - Best multi-fandom
  • Charles Xavier - Overall winner



  • Follow from me
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  • Promos on request for a month
  • Spot in any of my networks 
  • Friendship
  • Help with anything you need!

Runner ups:

  • Follow from me
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  • One promo throughout the month (on request!)
  • Spot on my updates tab for a month (as a symbol)
  • Friendship
  • Help with anything you need!


Steve Rogers Award: Must message me a link to your page with your creations!

Kate Bishop Award: Must message me telling me if you have less than 400 followers!

If you have any questions, ask me!

Comic Book Challenge - [2/5] favorite female characters:

➥Katherine Bishop - Hawkeye

"I have no powers and not nearly enough training, but I’m doing this anyways. Being a super hero is amazing. Everyone should try it."


When the sun goes down and the lights burn out
Then it’s time for you to shine
Brighter than a shooting star
So shine no matter where you are

Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light
'Cause its time for you to shine
Brighter than a shooting star
So shine no matter where you are… tonight

there is really no reason for this, I just keep seeing people doing these and I adore my follower so here you go; my first tumblr awards!

☀ R U L E S 

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  • awards are obviously badass ladies themed
  • fandom blogs only, sorry :(
  • 1 winner and 1-2 runners up (possibly more depending on notes)

☀ C A T E G O R I E S 

  • Caroline Forbes award - best url
  • Malia Tate award - best domain
  • Octavia Blake award - best theme
  • Greer of Kinross award - best icon
  • Bonnie Bennett award - best updates tab
  • Rebekah Mikaelson award - best posts
  • Blair Waldorf award - best creations*
  • Clarke Griffin award - best the 100
  • Lydia Martin award - best teen wolf
  • Mary Stuart award - best reign
  • Felicity Smoak award - best arrow
  • Natasha Romanoff award - best marvel
  • Skye award - best agents of shield
  • Spencer Hastings award - best pretty little liars
  • Elena Gilbert award - best vampire diaries/the originals
  • Jemma Simmons award - best multifandom
  • Thea Queen award - best up and coming*
  • Kira Yukimura award - nicest blogger
  • Hanna Marin award - best overall
  • Allison Argent award - Kassidy’s favorite

☀ B O N U S ☀ 

  • Emily Fields award - best gifs*
  • Raven Reyes award - best graphics*
  • Lady Kenna award - best sidebar
  • Hayley Marshall award - best mobile theme
  • Sara Lance award - best ladies appreciation
  • Tris Prior award - best divergent
  • Hermione Granger award - best harry potter
  • Serena van der Woodsen award - best gossip girl
  • Hazel Grace award - best the fault in our stars
  • Katniss Everdeen award - best hunger games
  • Daenerys Targaryen award - best game of thrones
  • Emily Thorne award - best revenge
  • Amy Raudenfeld award - best faking it
  • Carter Stevens award - best finding carter
  • Sarah Manning award - best orphan black

☀ P R I Z E S 


  • a cake made of rainbows
  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • a spot on my updates tab for a month
  • a spot in my hall of fame (which i havent made yet)
  • promo when announced
  • 3 random promos (between sept-dec)
  • 6 promos upon request (also between sept and dec)
  • main cateogries (not bonus) can also have a url graphic or custom icons once upon request
  • my undying love and friendship
  • help with anything you need!


  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • a spot on my updates tab for 2 weeks
  • promo when announced
  • 1 random promo (between sept-dec)
  • 3 promos upon request (between sept-dec)
  • a spot in my hall of fame (when i make it)
  • my undying love and friendship
  • help with anything you need!

☀ N O T E S 

  • for the thea queen award (best up and coming) please message me letting me know you have less than 500 followers
  • for the blair waldorf award (and possibly the emily fields and raven reyes awards) please send me a link to your creations

finally; message me with and questions/comments/concerns!

I’m lacking inspiration lately and I want to do something creative so… url graphics giveaway time!!!!!!


  • Reblogs only (likes will be ignored)
  • I accept ALL KINDS OF URLs (all fandoms, themes… whatever… I’ll choose those that inspire me)

 See examples of my edits/graphics here.

Comic Book Challenge - [5/5] favorite female characters:

➥Hope Summers - White Phoenix

"I know why you’re scared. You think the Phoenix is either going to kill me or drive me crazy. Or maybe both. Just like it did Jean. But I’m not your dead wife, Scott. That’s not my story."

For those who will defend Bucky Barnes to the grave.


What I’m looking for:

  • a nice blogger
  • a good url and theme
  • must post at least some marvel

What you get:

  • super amazing friends
  • a spot on the network page
  • join the network chat
  • help with edits/gifs/etc

If you get in:

  • you will get a message from me
  • i will need an icon and description for the net page
  • track the tag #buckybarnesds

Extra info:

  • reblog by the 5th of September
  • i will pick on the 6th
  • this must get 25 notes or this never happened
  • send me an ask if you have a question

hi have a network problem, whoops. but as promised, the next network i would set up is rogersnet! a place for everyone who has been personally victimised by the perfection that is steve rogers. need to vent your feelings for this specimen then read on.

  • must be following this human disaster, i will check
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  • fill in this survey
  • enter my botm
  • vote for my next url
what i'm looking for
  • a friendly blogger
  • a lovely blog
  • a good tagging system
  • steve rogers lover
what you'll get
  • a spot on the network page
  • new friends
  • a support group for your steve rogers feels
  • help with anything and everything
  • new followers
if you are accepted
  • a follow back from me, if i’m not already following
  • you’ll receive an invite to the chat blog
  • a message confirming your acceptance
  • you will need to send me a steve rogers themed icon and short description
  • you will need to track #rogersnet
other information
  • this needs to reach 40 notes, otherwise it will be forgotten
  • members will start being chosen on 21st august
  • if you have any questions shoot me a message

Yeah, you heard me! From now on I will be doing botm’s! Now i know this is really rushed but humour me ok?


  • mbf the human disaster
  • reblog this (likes count as bookmarks)
  • reblog until September 5th and I will announce on the 6th (im so sorry its so rushed, im trash)
  • maybe vote for my next url?
  • there will be one winner and 3-5 runner ups (im very indecisive) 
  • must get to 20 notes otherwise this will fade into the abyss and i will die of shame

what the winner will get

  • link to my updates tab as your favourite character (either pixel or maybe a photo if i cant find it, idk i will figure something else, and if i really cant find anything than your name)
  • promos whenever you want
  • +follow if i wasnt already
  • if i can, ficlets or art requests, (be prepared to be amazed by the shittyness though) or we could create a network together 
  • my everlasting love and affection

what runner ups will get

  • +follow back
  • 3-5 promos during the month
  • a spot on my updates tab (a symbol)
  • my love and affection

what im looking for

  • nice bloggers
  • a nice and navigable theme
  • a++ posts (preferably marvel)
  • tagging system not mandatory but will be given bonus points

Good luck!

This is my first follow forever!(: I feel bad because I know I missed people- it was a long list to go through! However, I love everyone I follow or else I wouldn’t be following them!

Check out these great blogs! :D


cawcawmothafuckersnet ➳ leftboobgrabnet ➳ thegamoranet marvelhsnet➳howlingcommandosnetonyourleftnetthenebulanet ➳romanianchickenlegsnet ➳doritomannet➳menofmarvelnet chrisprattsthighsnet ➳caroldanversnet ➳thesebastianstannet ➳ nightcrawlernet➳wearegrootnet ➳awesomemixvol1net


acklepadacolli ➳avengors➳ agentrromanoff ➳ aliahnovna➳ agentromvnoffagntromanova➳ avengerssonna➳ argentfighter➳ agentwidovv➳ bbcgreglestrade ➳brokebackpurgatory ➳bckybhnes➳ brokenwingscass➳ buckyisthewintersoldier➳ buckyy-barnes➳ badbarnes bonjourdean➳ blackwid-ow ➳buckybchnnbarnes➳ billyteddv ➳ buckybuchanun➳ buttierbeer➳ blackwihdoh ➳buckgbarnes ➳buckified ➳billykcplan ➳brucebannar ➳bvshops➳ blackwidwow➳ billywiccans buckygetthatpatrioticdick ➳casmylord➳ charlesxaviier➳ charlesxaviher➳ chrisevanstho ➳clintbartom➳ cerebruh ➳commandobarnes ➳charlesxavierschrisandhisleftboob ➳cpnbucky➳ captain-buchanan➳ cvptainrogers➳ clintsbishop ➳cyclops-eyes ➳cptwinters➳ cptainrum➳ deanandcasfuck  ➳deadpoolie ➳deansayspudding➳ darcyolewis ➳daenerysromanoff ➳dancegroot ➳eriklehns ➳ewwbarnes ➳fomanoff


falconbigbutt➳ flowerchildstiles➳ gracelessangels➳ guardicns➳ gvoot➳ gaembit ➳ginnsberg➳ grooties ➳gamoralord ➳guardingamora ➳gvmora ➳gamxra➳ huntandshout➳ hawkeyeinc➳ hellamarvel➳ hemswcrth➳ hawkxguy ➳havvkeyes  ➳hermoinegrangev➳ huntingbucky ➳intimatedean ➳jensenackals➳ jeremy-rennerd ➳janvanndyne➳ jessicadrewsz➳ james-barnes


ketebishop ➳lickingwinchesters➳ leosfiitz ➳legendarygroot➳ littleashfairy➳ loki-the-asgardian-mussolini➳ ladydedpool ➳marvul ➳littlenovaks➳ leepahce➳ legendarypeterquill➳ mightmarvels➳ mightblackwidow ➳maraudersmap➳ magnetobromarvelladiesrepresent➳ missgamora ➳magneito➳ mightyrogers➳ midgard ➳mxxgneto➳ ntonystark ➳nctcliedormer ➳nebulasgamora ➳nnatliaromanova ➳nawkeye➳ natliarohmanov➳ officialdestiel ➳octoberdean➳ ohcaptainrurn ➳orocket


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unfmarvel➳ uhbishop➳ vintagesteverogers➳ w-inchestered➳ wolverwine ➳wreckedcastiel➳ wiclow  what-the-heckie-padalecki ➳wintersavior➳ wolexine➳ winterybucky ➳xcvier➳ ztarlord



bc who doesn’t love baby groot


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post, likes will not count as an entry but can be used to bookmark
  • fill out this survey. you must do this to be considered.
  • must reach 20 notes or it disappears forever

What I’m looking for:

  • nice blogger
  • nice theme and url
  • a good tagging system
  • must post at least some marvel
  • a love of a tiny dancing tree

what you get:

  • a place on the network page
  • lots of new friends
  • a follow back from me
  • join the network chat (you have to be willing to give me your email)
  • help with your edits/promos/blogrates etc.

if you get in:

  • you will get a message from me
  • submit an icon and description
  • i will need your email
  • track the tag #babygrootnet
  • tag your edits and stuff with the network tag

extra info:

  • reblog by august 23
  • i will announce members august 24
  • send me an ask if you have a question

following the poll, the first network to go live will be the barnesnetwork! yay, because bucky is the love of my life. so in short this network will be a support group for those who feel personally victimised by james buchanan barnes, in whatever form, whether it be sebastian stan’s portrayal or bucky bear. if this is interesting to you, read on!

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post, likes will be counted as bookmarks, not entries
  • fill in this survey
what i'm looking for
  • friendly blogger
  • a great blog
  • a tagging system
  • love for bucky barnes
  • multifandoms are awesome
what you'll get
  • a spot on the lovely network page
  • a new community of fellow bucky barnes lovers
  • help with anything and everything
  • new followers
if accepted
  • you will receive an email to the chat blog
  • a follow from me, if i’m not already following
  • a message confirming your acceptance (if your ask is not open, you won’t be accepted)
  • you will need to send me a 200x200 bucky barnes themed icon and short description for the network page. you will be reminded of this in the message.
  • you will need to track #barnesnet
other info
  • this needs to reach 30 notes, otherwise it never happened
  • members will start being chosen when it reaches this
  • if you have any question, just message me

Comic Book Challenge - [1/5] favorite female characters:

➥Natalia Alianovna Romanova - Black Widow

 ”How many more jobs… How long will it take… I don’t know if I can do it… Even if I could forgive myself… This is what I am now. And you’ll never know who I was before.”