I Was Thinking About Cullen Adopting A Little Girl And...

Blackwall and Varric telling the Little Cub stories.

Vivienne, Leliana, and Josephine dressing her up.

Cassandra and Bull teaching her how to fight safely.

Sera making mischief with her.

Cole sneaking her snacks and playing games with her.

Solas protecting her dreams.

Dorian doing magic tricks for her.

The Inquisitor loving her as their own, regardless of their relationship with Cullen.

Cullen trying to spend all his spare time with this darling little thing, even when the others are trying to hog her.

Just a warning, this one gets a bit nsfw. It’s not quite at the caliber the leather chair fic was at, but it’s still kind of smutty. 

It was late when Dorian set out to search for the Inquisitor. Nearly everyone had retired for the night, but the Dalish mage had yet to return to his chambers. Dorian searched his own room first just in case the elf had decided to bed down there instead. It wouldn’t have been the first time he found Revas curled around one of his pillows, fast asleep. However, this wasn’t one of those occasions.

The Altus mage’s concern grew as he checked the kitchens, the gardens, and the stables. The Inquisitor wasn’t in any of his usual haunts. There was only one room of the keep left to search that Revas frequented. If the elf wasn’t there…well, Dorian didn’t relish the thought of rousing Cassandra or Vivienne all because their leader decided to make a break for it once again.

It turned out that his worry was all for naught. He located the elf immediately upon entering the library. Revas stood hunched over one of the tables with stacks of books surrounding him. “Here you are,” Dorian sighed in relief, causing the elf to glance up from the book he was absorbed in reading. The human took in his lover’s fatigued state as he crossed the room to Revas’ side. “Come to bed. You look exhausted and we’ve got an early start tomorrow.”

"I’m not finished yet."

Dorian wrapped his arms around the Inquisitor from behind, hooking his chin over the elf’s shoulder as he observed the book lying open on the table. “You’re researching? At this time of night?” he asked, frowning.

Revas hummed an affirmative as he leaned his weight back against his human lover. “I’ve never been to a desert before,” the elf admitted. “I need to be prepared for whatever we could expect. I need to know about the climate, the flora, the-“

Dorian buried his face into the side of the elf’s neck to muffle his fond laugh. He pulled back as he felt the Dalish mage stiffen in indignation. “Revas dear, you do realize that it will take us quite some time to travel to the Western Approach, yes? If it’s that important to you, why not pack up some of these books and bring them to read along the way?” 

Revas was shaking his head before Dorian had even finished speaking. “We can’t spare the extra room in any of our packs,” he explained. The elf yawned, scrubbing at his eyes with the back of a hand. “I promise I’ll come to bed soon, Dor. As soon as I finish these last few books.”

"If I left you to your own devices, I’d wake to an empty bed and you would still be here, wouldn’t you?" Dorian asked. It was a rhetorical question, but Revas gave a noncommittal sound in response anyway. The Altus mage sighed. "Don’t sacrifice your sleep for this."

The elf scoffed and attempted to gently nudge Dorian away with an elbow. “I don’t need to be mothered. I’ll sleep when I sleep.”

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