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Poetry: 'Memories of a Past Love' | Ken Dereste Dorcely


Fool me once,
middle school memories of you playing games,
she liked me, but wouldn’t take the time to know me,
oh, what a shame,

The feeling was mutual,
damn, such a pain,
but we go through it,
because elders once said that there was something to gain,

Fool me twice,
high school, I never thought it would happen again,
for at that point, I honestly thought we were just friends,

Woe, is me,
with wool over eyes,
oblivious to the fact that we both put up lies,

Fool me thrice,
I willingly walked into a landmine,

I have a weakness for someone, so fine,
I cant forget about the past knowing we had good history,
the fact that we act this way toward each could be life’s greatest mystery,

As you sit on your high horse,
I’m busy trying to gap the bridge with miles,

It seems like you want some space,
and for you, I’d disappear without a trace,

No longer playing the fool,
ignore words like you’re a stranger,
know that I am not being brash,
or working off of anger,

Fact of the matter is, whatever we had is far-gone,
like a dead slave in shackles, there’s no point in dragging on.

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