Before teaching at a French school for girls, Emilie Sagee had taught
at 18 different schools and had been fired from each one because of the strange events that seemed to follow her.
Emilie Sagee had the incredible power of being seen at two places at once. Students would often report seeing her in class with other students claiming they had seen her walking down the hall at the same time. On one occasion, as she taught with her back to her students, her doppelganger appeared beside her, mimicking her actions except with no chalk in her hand. Students also reported seeing her doppelganger during the school dinner, standing and mimicking her movements as Emilie ate. Emilie had never seen her doppelganger and it was reported that her movements would slow down when she would appear.
During one lesson, her doppelganger was seen picking flowers in the fields as Emilie taught in the classroom.


There are those who protect them. And those who want them dead. They’re our friends, our enemies. The ones we love. And the ones we’ve lost. And then there’s me; I’m human. At least I was.