*lays down the law*

*tucks the law in*

*reads the law a story*

*leaves the law’s bedroom door ajar to keep the monsters away*

Emma smiles to herself as she reads her morning newspaper. Henry is out so it’s just her and Regina, plus it’s Saturday which means a lazy day. She sets down her newspaper with a small frown noticing how the seat beside her is still empty. 

She jogs up the stairs, “Regina?” she calls out running into their bedroom. Their bathroom door is slightly ajar and she pushes it open to see Regina staring at something in her hands, tears streaming down her cheeks. 

“Are you okay?” Emma asks worriedly. 

Then a smile blooms across Regina’s cheeks so brightly that it makes Emma’s heart skip a beat. Regina chuckles, the joy spilling from her lips, as she she continues to cry happy tears before simply showing Emma what’s in her hands. 

Emma gasps, her hands clasping over her mouth as she sees two little lines. She can feel tears springing into her own eyes, “Are we….”

Regina grins at her, “We’re having a baby.”

“Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” -Rainer Maria Rilke

Voting is now underway for the 2015 BOTANICALITY Spring Botanical Art Show. The final submission arrived with just minutes to spare, and, at the time of composing this post, I have been sitting at my computer for over six hours. The evening transitioned from a lovely Texas spring sunset to a cool night filled with crickets. The windows are open and the patio door is ajar - to borrow from Maxine Kumin, “Men kill for this."  

All of the entries for this year have been organized by category below. Click on each show category to choose your favorites:

Botanicality 2015 Digital

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Please remember, the judging of each category will be based upon likes and reblogs.  Each active tumblr user may vote for their favorite art pieces by clicking like or reblog on the original art post at using the photolinks above.  Voting ends at midnight CST on May 15.  While tumblr users may like or reblog multiple entries, duplicate votes for the same artwork will be eliminated.  The entries receiving the most combined likes and reblogs will win first their division and compete for Best of Show in their category. Please report any error to for prompt correction.

the evidence of his presence is found in the open window and the closet door ajar and dirty tracks running along her bedroom floor. sakura frowns, shutting the window to keep out the late night chill. her shower runs and she wipes away the muddy shoe prints. finally, she goes back to the closet to pull out the pack he keeps hidden to wash the shirts and the pants and that filthy, filthy cloak.

when she comes back up from the basement with his clothes in the wash, she finds him sitting on her bed, his shirt and shorts sticking to his dampened skin and with a white towel over his head.

sakura smiles fondly. she nears him. standing between his spread legs, she works her fingers over the towel to dry his hair while his hands come to her thighs and run up to her hips. 

satisfied with her work, sakura pulls away the cloth. she meets his mismatched eyes.

“hello, stranger.”

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I hate the door ajar ding

I absolutely can’t stand the dinging noise that a car makes when the driver’s door is open and the key is in the ignition.  My next door neighbor is constantly outside cleaning his car and doing typical maintenance and he leaves the key in the ignition and the door ajar.  That ding permeates everything and seems to come from every direction.  The way that it bounces off every surface and bombards your eardrums makes it sound like there’s no frequency to the number of beats per second.  Sometimes it’s ding ding ding ding and other times it’s ding dingdinginging (pause) ding.  I find it disorientating.  I hate it.  It’s worse than finger nails on a chalk board.  It’s worse than high pitched, high decibel laughs.  It’s even worse than Nickelback.

Please, take your keys out of the ignition and / or close your door.

my car broke :(

if any of you know anything about 1994 Doge Grand Caravan sliding door lock assemblies you input would be most helpful…

the door is completely shut but the damned sensor still keeps saying door ajar on and off every half second or so and i think it may even be a wiring issue but now it constantly says its open so the dome lights wont turn off and so ive had to dc the battery and my parents sya i cnt drive it till its fixed :(

The Door Ajar: Antonin Artaud

The Door Ajar: Antonin Artaud

Travelling to Cork today reminds me of a film about Antonin Artaud I saw last year at the Portobello Cinema called The Door Ajar. Thanks to Niall McDevitt for bringing this valuable film to London.

*On August 14th 1937 the French poet and theatre director, Antonin Artaud, arrived in Cobh in County Cork, bringing with him a stick which he believed St. Patrick owned. His intention was to return…

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Dan Howell - Attention (Fluff)

Request: Please make one where Dan’s doing a lot of Editting so he kind of neglects y\n but she doesn’t like get mad he just noticed that she’s feeling sad

Flipping through the channels has become a bore. There is absolutely nothing on that you want to watch. You decide to turn off the TV, laying your head back against the sofa. It’s so quiet in the flat. Phil’s gone off to do something, you’re not quite sure what it was exactly and Dan is editing a video, as per usual. The fact that Dan is a busy man is not a new concept, he’s been this way since even before you began to date. But sometimes it can feel really lonely when he doesn’t pay much attention to you.

You stand and walk out of the lounge, towards Dan’s bedroom. He’s been in there for hours, he hasn’t even left to use the bathroom. The door is ajar, so you quietly push it open, careful to not move too quickly. Dan is perched on his chair, head phones in, leaning in close to focus on what he is doing. You saunter forward, smiling as you look at your handsome boyfriend. Gently, you run your fingers through the back of his brown hair. He jumps slightly and turns to see you. A huge grin is on his face. You lean down and kiss him on the cheek as he pushes off his headphones.

“Hello, love.” He says softly.

“Hey.” You snuggle your face into his neck.

Dan turns his attention back to the video, moving the mouse about as he edits. You shift your weight and wrap your arms around his neck, placing another kiss on his cheek. He chuckles a bit, but otherwise doesn’t move. You’re growing impatient and begin to kiss closer and closer to his mouth. He doesn’t turn his head, he just kind of kisses you with the side of his mouth. In defeat you lower arms from his neck and retire to the bed. You lay on top of the covers, facing the wall as you curl into a ball. You’re not mad, just a bit upset. He’s not doing this on purpose, you know that, but you just can’t help but feel this way. You snuggle your head into the pillow and prepare to doze off, being in the same room with him is enough for you.

The bed dips behind you, and you feel a warm body pressing against your back. Long fingers caress your waist as soft lips press onto your cheek. You turn your head to see Dan is cuddling you, your body fitting perfect against his. Leaning your head back against him you release a sigh.

“I’m sorry I haven’t really been paying much attention to you, y/n.” Dan whispers, planting a kiss just below your ear.

“I understand, Dan. You have a lot of work to do.” Your voice is soft and sweet, you place your hand over his which rests on your waist.

“Still, I should be more considerate of your feelings. I’m done for the night. I won’t touch the computer anymore, I promise.”

You roll over so you’re facing him. He caresses your cheek with soft fingers before kissing you tenderly on the lips. He takes your breath away. When the kiss is over, he pulls you in close. You press your forehead against his chest and cherish the quiet.


a mint wrapper making  tastebuds want to lazy out into comfortable pre sum-

what is it
that i am trying to pull out of my mouth
not even the blooms of april can articulate
for me
- you have never written free
is what the anecdote of spring weaning itself onto summer;
a book leaning on edge to the others
disembarking the clouds
hung like potpourri - out the door - 
ajar curling the squeak into the hardwood floor
it is.

anonymous asked:

Peeta peeks over the ajar door while Katniss is singing lullabies for her children. The song's story is about a girl who liked a boy but couldn't tell how much she loved him nor even be conscious what he meant for her until when she did, it was too late. Yet it was her struggle what brought him back to her arms. The kid's eyes close languidly pleased by the sound of their mother's voice and Peeta listens with a sad smile. When Katniss finishes, he asks her who taught her this lullaby and

(cont) Katniss says this “we did” and finally leans closer to kiss him.

I’m a mess right now

waverlythetimid asked:

There's a meek little knock on the door, quiet and unsure. The woman on the other side takes in a shuddering breath, just hoping that her friend answers. [HELLO I hope you don't mine me bugging you]

Daylight. It was one of the Lodger’s saving graces. It was the only time when the Guests weren’t nearly as visible as they would be in the dark. It was when he could see his house for what it truly was: a dilapidated mess.

And just as he was struggling to get out of bed. he thought he heard something. But was it truly knocking? Or was it just imagination? He could hardly tell anymore.

The front door was actually slightly ajar from some unknown event. Perhaps the Lodger had found the door, but was scared off by various visions and sounds.

scarlettwxn asked:

{Nuuuuuuu. I knew this would be heartbreaking for Maxicest. nuuuuu ~creys~}

Pietro was excited. Clint had allowed him to take Wanda out for the day. He planned to do everything they had missed out during the years they were held captive by Hydra. He wanted to take her out to the movies, walk around the park and when night falls, they would gaze at the stars and Pietro would finally tell his sister how he truly felt about her. 

So when he dashed off to Wanda’s quarters, he didn’t know why the door was left slightly ajar. With a frown, he stopped in front of the door and pushed it slowly. He couldn’t help but suck in a sharp breath, eyes widening at the sight of Wanda kissing Vision. The words died in his throat and his mouth parted slightly as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. He watched as Wanda wrapped her arms around the android and deepen the kiss and he couldn’t do anything. 

Wanda, he wanted to call out. That should be me. But he knew it was wrong. If his sister was happy with someone that was not him, who was he to stop her? He swallowed the lump in his throat and blinked back the tears threatening to fall. For the longest time, Wanda was his and Pietro was hers. Anything else was unthinkable. But change is inevitable and Pietro was foolish to think Wanda would love him the way he loves her. That they would be together. And so Pietro left quietly with a broken heart and a memory of Wanda kissing someone else, forever burned in his mind.