okay but can we imagine a zombie-apocalypse workplace comedy

ereri fic: The Elevator

Eren, a stripper on the way to a gig, accidentally walks into an elevator with the most powerful man in the country, and sparks fly. Will their budding relationship survive multiples exes, terrorists hell-bent on their destruction, and their own conflicted pasts?

A love story in fifty floors.

Birthday present for the amazing momoicchi27. I swear the quality of my love is greater than what this fic might make it seem.

Please note that this fic is meant to be humorous. Do not judge me.

Read here @ Ao3

“There’s the elevator!” Eren says and rushes ahead to catch the doors.

“Eren, wait!” Mikasa calls back. She’s always trying to hold him back. Don’t run across lobbies in fancy buildings to catch elevators, don’t stay up late, wait wait wait. Eren makes it just as the shiny chrome doors are closing. He skids to a stop and whirls to toss her a grin. Evidently thinking that Eren will hold the door for her Mikasa slows down, so Eren sticks out his tongue, and slams the button to close the door.

“Eren!” Mikasa shouts, and her furious face is cut off by Eren’s reflection on the mirrored interior.

The 50th floor is his destination. He hits the button and leans back against the side of the elevator, childishly pleased with himself.

Only then does he notice he’s not alone in the elevator. There’s another man, short and dark-haired, wearing an impeccably tailored suit. His face is grumpy, but in an incredibly sexy way. He may in fact have the sexiest face Eren has seen in his life. It’s the kind of face Eren would like to sit on. Something about him is oddly familiar, but Eren can’t place it.

The elevator is on the move, so Eren decides to entertain himself. The man looks rich, and Eren isn’t above the idea of a sugar daddy. Besides, a little making-out in an elevator never hurt anybody.

“I’m Eren,” he says cheerfully.

The man is utterly nonplussed to be addressed so directly, but answers anyway with a soft snort. “Levi Ackerman.”

Eren’s jaw drops. “Levi- Levi Ackerman the President?”

“You might remember me from being on the news last night,” Levi-Mr.-President says, obviously amused though it’s not clear how Eren can tell. His scowl doesn’t seem to have changed.

“I don’t watch news at night,” Eren blurts.

The President raises an eyebrow at him.

“Because I’m a stripper.”

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anonymous said:

So I was at work and there's this really hot Personal trainer and I really like him and am so attracted to him so I went into his office talking about 'work' lol.. and because you do overnight shifts there's a bed in his office. We locked the door and closed the blinds and fucked senselessly for about an hour. Was the most amazing time of my life. Now we are dating and are about to move in together


  • シ my muse walks in on your naked



Ido was heading back to his room for the night, only to suddenly find a male on his bed naked as he blinked some. Normally if he was going to be seeing someone like that, it’d be at a hotel, a gay bar, or their place, and thus left the bluenette utterly confused as he saw his master walk past him.

"Uhm. Master, why is there a strange boy in my room?"

"Oh, that’s Mikado. I owe him a little favor, but I’m too busy so can you deal with it instead? I don’t think you’d mind, or am I mistaken?" Izaya said with a grin.

"No master. I’ll get on it," Ido said, stepping into his room and closing the door behind him as he grinned at the younger male.


"So, you’re name’s Mikado, what a rather unique name for a male," Ido said, going over to his bed as he tugged off his scarf, tossing it aside as he worked on unbuttoning his shirt, licking hip lips lightly.

"So tell me, why are you naked and in my bed?"

Just Friends

Sooo I wanted to make a multi-part imagine thing…not gonna be super long but..idk tell me if I should continue or nahhh!

“Hey, y/n we’re picking up food are you coming or what?” Jack J asked standing by the hotel room’s door with Jack G. I batted my eyelashes in a dramatic manner and smiled sweetly;

“Would you just bring me back a turkey sandwich with lettuce and peppers? Pleaaaaase I really have to finish this presentation for my business class.” I was sitting comfortably in one of the chairs of the room my laptop in my lap opened up to my current project due in a few days. Jack rolled his eyes annoyed groaning as he stomped out the door over dramatically-

“Uuuugh God y/n, you make our lives so hard!”

This made me giggle a bit and bite my lip as I tried to focus on the work in front of me. Soon I heard the door open and close causing me to jump and look up slightly from my laptop. Sammy had entered  the room. I didn’t look up but I could feel his smirk from nearly a mile away-which obviously caused me to blush as I attempted to focus on the laptop screen.

“Hey, what are you doing?” He asked before falling back onto one of the beds casually.

“Homework.” I sighed with boredom as I continued to type. I was taken aback when the keyboard slipped away from my hands. “Hey!”

“Lighten up, y/n! We’re supposed to have fun this weekend not do homework and sulk. Let’s do something.” He suggested holding my laptop where I couldn’t reach it. He was at least a foot taller than me. I refused to listen though; this presentation was really important and I wanted to get it done as soon as possible. My response was to pathetically and hopelessly jump for my computer.

“Sam! Sam! Samuel Wilkinson give it back!” I whined pouting as I persisted through my failures of trying to fight for my laptop back. He laughed at my struggles. I jumped and jumped but he wasn’t phased in the least until I leaped up on the bed and managed to jump on his back reaching for it.

“Whoa! Hey!” He laughed moving my laptop lower out of my reach once more. I growled in frustration at his actions and decided to simply lightly choke him until he was forced to fall backwards onto the bed-on top of me.

“Oww! Get off me you fatass!” I complained in annoyance as he crushed me. He laughed and refused to get up making himself comfortable on me.

“I think my ass is quite nice.” He situated himself once more rendering my lungs weak.

“SAM!” I yelled coughing managing to push him off me and next to me. “You’re lucky I went easy on you.” I shrugged gaining my breath back. He laughed again at this and took me by surprise pinning my wrists to my sides hovering over me grinning.

“I’m sure you did.” He reassured condescendingly. We both took a moment to catch our breath but couldn’t help but stare at each other-our eyes didn’t break until I realized how close he was and how much closer he was getting. His lips were pushing themselves onto mine now-and I didn’t realize it but I was kissing him back. I liked it-the way his lips felt on mine…but something was wrong. I just didn’t like Sam-at least not in that way. Sure what girl didn’t find him attractive-but…he just-we just….it felt like a lot would go wrong if we did end up dating or something. He broke his lips a part from mine…

“Sammy….I just…” I started unsure of what to say as he let go of my wrists. I felt myself blush as he stared at me stumbling through my words. I cleared my throat and began again. “You know we shouldn’t, right? I mean…we’re….you’re like almost three years older than me you know that right?” I managed to look him in the eyes once more after taking a deep breath. “Wouldn’t this ruin our friendship?”

He smiled a bit and helped me sit up wrapping his arm around my shoulders as we sat on the bed. “No. I know your age, y/n. I know we’re just friends. But no, I do not think this could ruin our friendship.” He shook his head at me and I gave him a confused expression. “As long as we stay friends. I mean that kiss was pretty great and there’s no denying that right?” He argued looking down at me as I averted my eyes to the floor. I wasn’t so sure what he was getting at. “So maybe we just keep this….” He began to lay several kisses up my neck taking me by surprise. “A secret?” He whispered into my ear. I swallowed quietly and turned my head to look up at him again.

“And we’ll just be friends?” I verified. His smile grew to a grin and he nodded;

“Of course.” He leaned down to kiss me once more and I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him towards me.

“We have food!” I heard Jack announce as the door to the room opened and closed. We broke the kiss and I took Sam by surprise shoving him off me onto the ground. Both Jacks gave odd looks walking in on Sammy laying on the ground.

“Why are you on the floor?” Jack J asked setting the food bags down on the desk. I shot Sam a look and he gave me a pleading one clearly not knowing what to say.  

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oleg/rosie + dild

As Rosie turned the page of her magazine she heard a deep, ragged sigh from behind the bathroom door.



The door opened and Oleg’s hand stuck out, holding a silicone horror the size of a soda bottle.

Should I ask?

Rosie rolled her eyes and yelled back, “I don’t know, Oleg, should you?!”

The door swung closed. “I thought not.”

The Old Place (Dean Winchester Smut Imagine)

Based on the Imagine: Sex in the Impala

I’m incredibly sorry for the lack of posts this month! We’ve all been rather busy so I decided to write up this smut imagine because we all need a bit of Dean Winchester! I will put most of this in a READ MORE section for those who do not want to read smut. :) Love and best wishes!

WARNINGS: Smut, cursing

Word Count: 2364

Writer: Gabriella

You were both starving.

You wanted a burger.

Dean wanted pie.

“When will you be back?” Sam asked from his position on the couch in Bobby’s living room.

You exchanged a glance with Dean, not entirely sure how long you were going to be.

“No idea,” Dean replied, “See you later, Sammy!” He made his way out and you followed after him, sending a brief smile to Sam and closing the door behind you.

“So where are we going to go?” You asked Dean, climbing into the passenger side of the Impala.

Dean shrugged his shoulders, “There’s got to be a diner around here somewhere.” He brought the engine to life and pulled out of Bobby’s drive, pressing his foot on the accelerator as he sped down the road towards the nearest town.

You were both quiet for the most part, encompassed in a comfortable silence that you both welcomed with open arms. It was nice to have a little peace and quiet, especially with how hectic it had been in Bobby’s home this afternoon.

Staring out of the window, you were caught by surprise when Dean rested his hand upon your thigh, squeezing it gently. You turned to look at him and he met your gaze with a handsome smile. Still, neither of you said anything for there were no words that needed to be said.

Pulling up outside of a fancy restaurant, Dean parked the car and began to climb out. You quickly stopped him, giving him a questioning look, “What are we doing here?” You asked.

“Having dinner.” Dean said matter-of-factly.

You rolled your eyes, “Yes I know that but here? I’m not dressed right.”

Dean chuckled, shaking his head softly, “You look fine. Now move your ass, I’m hungry.” He sent you a wink before climbing out of the Impala altogether.

You followed him, closing the door behind you and making your way into the restaurant by his side. Placing an arm around your waist, Dean walked through the entrance with you and you were both greeted by a handsome young man.

“Good evening,” he greeted with a charming smile, “A table for two?”

Dean nodded his head and followed the man to a table in the far corner of the room, a distant smile upon his features. You, on the other hand, were frowning. Could you afford this?

The waiter pulled your seat out for you  and you sat down, a little uncomfortable since this was not your usual environment. When the waiter walked away to bring some menus, you turned on Dean, giving him a harsh look, “What the hell are we doing here, Dean? Do we even have enough money for this?”

Dean smiled knowingly, as if he knew that you were going to react this way, “Don’t worry about it, y/n.” He took your hand from across the table, “Just relax.” He began to lean over the table, as if he were going to kiss you but the waiter returned, interrupting you both.

“Here are your menus. May I interest you in the wine list?”


The meal was nothing short of amazing. You had never had a meal like it, heck, even the service was the best you had witnessed. When you had gotten up to leave, Dean had hid the bill from you and it was more than obvious that the meal had been expensive; all in all, you were happy to not find out just how much.

Arm in arm with Dean, you exited the restaurant, smiling happily and moving your gaze upward toward the stars.

“Wow,” you breathed, “look how clear the sky is.”

Dean followed your gaze, “Yeah…hey, how about we go to our old place? It’s the perfect night for it.”

Old place? At first, you weren’t entirely sure what he was talking about until the realization hit you. Your ‘old place’ was an abandoned mining field, you and Dean had happened to come across it a year ago and for a few months, you had visited the place when you wanted some peace and quiet but recently, you hadn’t had the time.

“Yeah,” you agreed, eyes dazzling with pure happiness, “let’s go.”

Before either of you could continue onto the Impala, you reached up and pressed a soft kiss to Dean’s lips, one of his hands resting on the back of your head as he pulled you closer. Pulling away, you gazed into each other’s eyes for a brief moment before continuing on your way to the car.


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Alasdhair, the Heavens Will...


   Night had settled upon the silent city, its doors closed and the curtains pulled shut within the floating city of Dalaran. Shuffling through his satchel, he’d withdraw a small pocket watch, pressing his thumb into the top to reveal the clock beneath. It read the eleventh hour of the night. Glancing around the empty streets Asheton furrowed his brow, this city which used to be so bustling and full of life at all hours of the day now quiet and empty. It would seem after forcing the Horde from the city and laying claim to it for the whole Alliance calmed the floating island.

Resting a hand along his belt, he’d adjust it, steps remaining forward as he rounded the corner towards the smithy. It was a sight to behold, the various boiling metals and stacks of ingots and bars. Smirking, he’d reach a hand up to run his fingers through the thick hair of his chin, the audible noise of his leather scratching his beard could be heard as he stepped into the open blacksmith. An empty harness adorning his back, yet it lacked anything inside of it. 


   Approaching the rune etched anvil, he’d gently run his hand over the top, feeling the warmth of its magic radiating through him for but a brief moment.  A spark coursed through him as the plated portion of his gauntlet connected with the anvil, making his body surge as the Arcane coursed through him. Bringing his hands back, he’d stammer for a moment, eyes focused intently on the blacktop before looking towards the black leather. Holding hands separate length apart, he’d feel the jolt surge from one hand to the other before connecting in the middle, the power growing before dying out. 


   ”Such interesting power, I understand now why the Weaponsmiths use this anvil” Clenching his fists, he’d let them rest at his side, nodding approval as soon enough he reached for the bindings of his gauntlet. 

"If I’m going to craft an appropriate weapon, this shall be where I do it" Pulling free the metal gauntlet, his bracers and leather gloves remained. Resting them gently on the ground, he reached into the satchel on his thigh and withdrew his needed items. A single hammer and a carved crystal. He would rest those on the anvil, watching them become infused with the arcane powers that were boiling inside the metal surface. Reaching his hands up, he would begin on the binds of his chest-piece and pauldrons, feeling them slack with relaxed weight after a few moments. They would join his gauntlets on the ground as he stood before the runed anvil bare chest. Cracking his knuckles, he’d take up his hammer and jewel, feeling the power surge through him almost instantly. It was invigorating. This is how he would make his weapon, with this power to create his art. 


   Moving forward to the plethora of ingots and bars, he’d first grab himself a pair of vice-grips, opening and closing them as he nodded in approval to his newest addition of tools. Lofting a single brow, he’d begin to inspect the bars, running his gloved finger over the top of each, pulling them forward and testing the weight. Asheton had worked with metal before, some of his own armor sets had been crafted by his hand, yet he had never had such an open abundance of metals to work with. He’d most certainly have to pay the Smiths next door for their goods. Approaching one of the two shelves, he’d peer into each shelf, looking between the two stacks. 


   Finally his eyes were directed upwards, peering at the azure blue bars that rested on the highest shelf. What was this material. Cobalt? Thorium? True Silver perhaps? Grasping the weighted bar in his hand, he’d inspect it closer. Titan-steel. It was indeed a rare material back in the day, but it would seem as the years had gone by the stock of this ore had nearly doubled, if not tripled. Placing it back, he’d reach for the longer ingots of Titan-steel, grabbing several for the moment from the very top shelf above all the others. Each one was long, nearly a few feet in length. Extras would do for now, he would truly only need one. 

"These will do" Turning back towards the anvil, closing the space between as he soon rested the ingots on the black top. They too surged with the arcane power that was nestled deep within. Drawing the vice grips from his waist, he’d take up one of the newly charged arcane ingots, taking it as soon he approached the various burning pools. The purpose behind their colorings remained unknown to the knight, that was reason enough to select the most normal looking pool. 


Taking the long ingot, he’d slowly thrust it into the pool, listening to the audible hiss of cooled and charged metal connecting with the flames. Glancing up, he saw the various runes that were placed over the pools. Furrowing his brow, he soon felt the warmth was over him as the flames increased, the heat was sweltering as beads of sweat trickled down his forehead and cheek, yet he was not burnt. The knight knew to never question a good thing, even if by chance or luck, yet it was still a curious thought that plagued him as to why he hadn’t been scorched. Those runes above pulsed brightly before dying down. 

Directing his gaze back towards the ingot, it burned white. Dark orange and bright yellow clashing together to reveal that the metal was indeed ready. Grasping the end of the ingot with his vice-grips, he would pull it from the flame, feeling the warmth ebb off of the metal as he rested it along the anvil. Taking a step away, he’d grasp for his hammer along his waist, eyes narrowing at the bar as he inspected the arcane charged hammer. 

There was a surge of power the moment the metal connected with the top of the anvil, securing it into place. Pursing his lips together, he’d offer a few gentle tugs, it seemed that it didn’t want to budge. Pulling back, he’d grunt as leveled his hammer, it was time to start working. Hefting his hammer back, he’d swing it downwards in a powerful arc.


   Powerful, bright sparks filled the room, dimming the lighting as the metal was struck by the power infused hammer. A soft ringing could be heard as all the runes within the room flashed brightly. Once more he was not burnt, it would seem the mages of the Kirin Tor had indeed created the perfect smithy. Another lift of his hammer before swinging into the metal again, another striking blow against the heated Titan-steel.


   Hours passed, the darkness setting into the sky and air around Asheton as he worked vigorously with his Titan-steel to craft his weapon of choice. To create his power through art. Sweat trickled down his furrowed brow and beard as he once more pushed the heated metal into the cooling pool. It hissed loudly, filling the area with steam before settling. Withdrawing the long shaped blade, he’d grin and inspect his work. It was vibrant blue, it even had the smallest hint of a hue to it. Walking back to the powerful anvil, he’d once more place the unfinished weapon upon the top, wiping idly at his brow as he looked it over. 


   ”There are only a few things missing..” Asheton spoke to himself, adjusting the gloves he wore. 

"A blessing for my new blade and a mark to finish it.." Once more the anvil locked it into place as if knowing its queue. Shifting on his feet, he’d close his eyes. Soon enough the paladins hands began to fill with the warm glow of holy power. 

"Let your hand be with me and keep me from harm so that I may protect those who cannot defend themselves. In the words of General Turalyon and my good friend, Zackary Leingod…" Asheton paused briefly. 

Esarus thar no’Darador’” 


   His weapon glowed brightly now, runes imprinting themselves along the length of the blade all the way to the hilt. A beautiful noise resonated from the sword, filling Asheton’s ears with a sense of hope and belonging. It seemed that his newly crafted weapon took kindly to his blessing bestowed upon it. Sighing deeply, he’d once more wipe at his brow again, grasping at the unfinished hilt of his sword and raised it high, letting the sparks of arcane and light flow through his body. 

"And so it has been done…" Reaching forward, he’d grab a piece of leather covers just bigger than his hand, setting to work now on the exposed hilt of his blade. Cured clefthoof wrapped tightly around the azure metal before being sewn into place. Followed suit by thick strips of the same hide wrapped in an ornate pattern around the thicker tier. It was finished, hours of toiling with arcane and metal, his blade was finished. 


   Looking out towards the entrance, he’d sigh with relief, the morning was coming soon. Walking around the anvil, he’d begin to gather his items, placing them on after having cooled from the heat of his work. Flexing his fingers once more, he’d roll his shoulders and crack his neck, the armor he wore groaning in protest as it once more got acclimated to being on his body. Reaching back, he’d grasp the hilt of his blade, drawing it to him as he slowly ran his fingers over the length of the metal, watching it light up and glow with vibrant hue. 

"Alasdhair.." Asheton spoke softly. 

"That is what I shall call you. Alasdhair, the Heavens Will.." Once more his blade shined brightly within the darkness of the now inactive forge. Slicing through the air before him, he’d smile at the resonating sound that came from the weapon. 

"Together, we shall achieve great things, friend. Protect many and ensure the safety of our people" Placing the blade into the harness upon his back, it would cause his weight to shift, rolling his shoulders as he attempted to become accustom to it. 


   Amongst the still starry sky of Dalaran, the warm rays of the sun began their appearance, rising over the cusp of the building roofs and walls. Smiling widely, he’d grasp the ends of his tabard, adjusting it as he glanced around. Doors began to open, people walking from them into the streets. The city began to fill with life once more, returning everything back to normal. 

"Zackary Leingod and Laeima Whiteblade. My Captain and High Lady. One day I shall find you both, find out what truly happened to the Order. Why everyone refuses to speak of what occured during my absence. I shall right my wrongs against you both if it is needed, by any means…"

Gazing up to the spires of Dalaran, he’d nod solemnly.


   ”Esarus thar no’Darador’” 

Me And You Against The World (Part 2)

part 1 here (x) - C


It’s been a week since the day I met Aubrey and we kissed, I stopped in the middle of the kiss went inside and closed the door and I’ve been trying to avoid him since. I feel really bad for just leaving him infront of my house without explanation on why exactly I stopped, but I’m just not ready to be in a relashionship with someone and I know I could’ve just told him that but then he would probably try to be friends with me and then I would catch feelings for him and I really didn’t want to put myself in that situation. I didn’t tell Rihanna about the whole kissing thing because I know she would be all up my ass talking about how I should just date him and give him a chance, and I just don’t have time for that

"Nic, what class you got next?" rih says while taking some books out her locker

"Uhmm.. biology"

"Ah okay, we won’t be in the same class then, see you later boo" she says then gives me a hug, I hug her back then walk to my next class I walk in the classroom just to see that everyone is already there and that there’s only one seat left. Next to Aubrey.. great. I walk to the empty seat and sit down pretending not to see him. I try to pay attention to what the teacher is saying but I can feel him staring at me.

"Onika" Aubrey whispers but I pretend I don’t hear him and keep listening to what the teacher is saying.

"Onika" he says once again but I just ignore him.

I can’t deal with him anymore I gotta leave this classroom. I raise my hand and ask the teacher if I can go to the bathroom, she nods. I get up and walk out of the class then sign in relief, never in my life have I ever felt so uncomfortable. I walk to the girls bathroom and check my make-up in the mirror.

"Onika we gotta talk" I hear someone say, I turn around just to see aubrey standing infront of me. Are you kidding me?! what is he even doing in the girls bathroom.

"Go ahead, it must be really damn important if you gotta go in the girls bathroom for it"

"You’ve been avoiding me"

"No I haven’t"

"You have, I tried talking to you in class but you were ignoring me"

"I wasn’t ignoring you, I just didn’t want to get detention again"

"well, are you going to explain to me why you just closed the door in my face the other night?"

"No, now leave me alone"

"I ain’t leaving you alone till you tell me"

"There is nothing to tell" I say and brush past him about to walk out but he grabs my arm and pushes me against the wall standing extremely close to me. 

"Don’t be acting like you didn’t feel nothing between us when we kissed"

"I wasn’t acting, I just really didn’t. now get ou of my wa-" I start but get cut off when he kisses me. he breaks the kiss and looks straight into my eyes.. maybe he was right, there was something between us and I knew there was but I’ve just been trying to deny it that’s why I’ve been avoiding him.

"You still think there’s nothing between us?" he says his face still close to mine

I sign “There is but-“

"But what, Onika?"

"I don’t wanna be in a relationship right now"

"Why not?"

"I just don’t"

"fine" he says and moves out of the way so I can leave, I look at him one last time then walk out back to the classroom. Maybe now he’ll finally leave me alone.


I really thought getting Nicki to be my girlfriend would be way easier, but it’s not. she told me she didn’t wanna be in a relationship but didn’t explain to me why, so I won’t stop till she says yes or gives me a good reason. The rest of the school day I left her alone so I bet she thinks I gave up, but I haven’t. I know that sounds extremely creepy but something about her just makes me want to be with her all the time which is weird because I’ve never been that kinda guy to go after a girl like that, but she’s different. After school I decided to go to her house, to hang out with her.. as a friend, there’s nothing wrong with that right? I walk up the steps and knock on the door waiting for someone to answer. a lady that looks like an older version of Nicki, I bet that’s her mother, opens the door.

"Hey, I’m Aubrey a friend of Onika. Is she home?" I ask.

"I’m Carol, Onika’s mother. And yes she is, why?"

"uhmm.. we were supposed to make homework together after school" I lie just wanting to see nicki

"Oh well come in, she is upstairs second room" she says while moving aside to let me in.

"Thank you" I give her a smile and walk upstairs to Nicki’s room then knock on it, she opens the door and looks at me confused and angry at the same time.

"What are you doing here?! how did you even get in??"

"Your mom let me in, and I just came here to hang out with you"

"I didn’t even invite you to come here, so you just gonna walk into peoples houses and force them to hang out with you?"

"I guess so, but just to hang out as friends"

"Fine, whatever. come in" She moves aside and let’s me in then closes the door. I sit on her bed as she sits next to me and goes on her laptop doing whatever.

"Sooo.. What are we going to do?" I say feeling a little awkward.

"Nothing, what do you think I am entertainment or something? I wasn’t the one that wanted to hang out" she snaps

"damn girl, why are you always so rude towards me?"

"Cuz I don’t like you"

"Stop lying you do like me" I say and give her a smile, she just rolls her eyes.

"Why don’t you wanna be in a relationship?" I ask

She groans “Don’t you start”

"Start what I’m not starting anything"

"Yes you are! I already told you why"

"No you didn’t"

"Yes I did"

"No you didn’t, you said ‘I just don’t’. That’s not a good reason"

"yes it is.."

"It’s not Onika, I’m not leaving till you tell me"

"Fine, then you’re staying here all day because I’m not saying a word"

"So you want me to stay?"

"I never said that"

"You basically did, cuz if you didn’t want me to stay you’d tell me. Ha! you like me but you’re denying it" I give her a funny smile and wiggle my eyebrows.

"You like me Onika, just say it" I say smiling poking her shoulder. she tries her hardest not to laugh.

"I hate you"


"Because, I’m trying to be mad at you but you keep doing dumb shit that makes me laugh, you’re so annoying"

"Why are you trying to be mad at me?"

"Why do ask so many questions?"

"Because I’m interested"

"Oh really?"

"Yes really" I say. and for the first time she smiles at me showing off her dimples, I smile back. I knew I was falling for her but seeing her smile made me fall for her even more.

"You should go home now"


"Because I’m tired and I wanna sleep"


We walk downstairs and she walks with me to the door. she opens the door and I walk out.

"So I’ll see you tomorrow at school?"

"You sure will" She says then smiles at me. I lean in to kiss her and so does she, right when we are about the kiss she backs away then slams the door in my face and I can here her laugh at the other side of the door. a second later I receive a text message, I take my phone out of my pocket and read it..

Onika: Just friends, remember? ;)

I smile at my phone. Damn this is going to be a long road for us…


I didn’t like this at all, it’s kinda short, pauz. but I hope you guys enjoyed it, part 3 or nahhhh?? - C

they will never show John and Sherlock kissing!

I told my husband about TJLC.  

He said, ‘even if they get together it will be implied.  Like, we’ll see them go into the bedroom and close the door’.  

Me, “no way, man!  They’re gonna kiss!  On screen!”  

Him, ‘nah’.  

Me, “I will bet you one hundred Canadian dollars that they will”.

Him, ‘deal’.

We watch The Empty Hearse,


Husband freaks out!  

5 minutes later…

Him, ‘it’s still not going to happen’.  

Me, “okay…”


Me *reads him excerpts from the BBC softly softy report*  

Him, ‘okay, well, I owe a hundred bucks’.  

Me *beaming*.

Even later…

Him, ‘those guys aren’t going to kiss AND you owe me a hundred bucks!’

Why does my husband’s faith seem to wear off?

what’s going on with ZE:A right now is exactly what goes on in the k-pop industry. likeee as much as y’all, including me, want to believe everything is fine and dandy all the time, it’s a completely different story behind closed doors. a lot of the things they do is the image they have to put up with or what the company forces/tell them to do and what they have to follow, since they’re under a contract. what i’m saying here applies to practically every group/artist. as much as i want to deny it, it’s true.

i hope this gets through to y’alls heads, and that his leehoo’s/moon’s pleas get heard. he’s literally begging reporters to get his words out to the public :/

Because of my hair I rarely, rarely get recognized, but I was in America, in L.A., a couple of weeks ago and I was in a lift in a department store and the doors opened and this woman stood there, looked at me and just went, “Khaleesi!" and then the doors closed! So that was mental and bizarre and rarely happens but when it does it’s normally on that kind of crazy scale.


Fic request from thranduilfics, based upon the characters (and their face claims) from The Curious Case of the Vampire in the Night. Not gonna lie, this was really odd LOL.

Image Credits: Moogie and Yana Toboso, the mangaka for Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

For the Love of Cats

“Oh…” he heard Sebastian let out a low purr. “How soft you are.”

Loki stopped outside the closed door and pressed his ear to the cool, heavy wood.

“And such pretty eyes you have, my lady,” he cooed, his voice hitting a low vibrato. “Look at me.”

Through the door, Loki heard a quiet, mewling moan and Sebastian’s devilish snicker. A mischievous grin spread across his lips. The bed in the room let out a loud creak and groan under a great undulating weight that sat upon it.

“Ah!” Sebastian let out a low hiss. “What sharp claws you have! You were always so passionate, my darling!”

Well, this is certainly a side to Sebastian and Adeline I have never seen before… thought Loki, his curiosity piquing.

“I suppose her quiet demeanor can make for a quiet — albeit passionate — lover…” he mused out loud, under his breath.

“Who will make for a quiet lover, Loki?” Adeline’s voice suddenly interrupted his reverie.

Loki’s head shot back and forth between the closed door and to where Adeline stood, her expression serious and nonchalant.

“You’re not in there?!” he exclaimed pointing to the door. “Then who is with your husband?!”

The door creaked open, spilling the last of the daylight out into the hallway, making Loki jump back with a hiss of his own.

“There is no one with her husband,” coolly remarked Sebastian, his lips curled up into a satisfied smile.

“Then what was with all that moaning!? And the creaking of the bed!?” cried Loki.

Mew. The sound came from behind him as a small black and white kitten with bright green eyes squeezed its way out of the room through Sebastian’s legs. The kitten looked up to Loki and let out another mewl. Loki furrows his brows. The door creaked open further letting out a deluge of cats and kittens in all colors and sizes flooding the hallway with their mewls and squeals. With his jaw dropped, Loki stared at the pair, very confused.

“You see, Loki,” casually began Sebastian as he picked up a kitten and nuzzled it affectionately. “The pets in Hell aren’t quite so charming as the ones here on earth. I may have developed a penchant for cats during my tenure with various masters and mistresses. Sadly, my old master was quite allergic.”


“Cats,” affirmed Adeline as she checked her watch. “Come, Sebastian, my love. The quails are in need of preparation, and the guests will be arriving for the ball within the next few hours. We have much to do.”

As they walked away, the kittens and cats snuggled up against one another, creating a spotted and very furry carpet in the hallway, leaving Loki alone in a sea of fur.

“Oh for the love of cats!”

Hotel Room


*Smut Warning*

Andy Biersack/(Y/N) Smut (Requested)

Inspired By: Beautiful Remains, Black Veil Brides

(A/N): Unable to find GIF, but fetus Andy is always cute, right?

"Hold it!" I shouted at the boy in the elevator. He quickly leaned forward and stopped the doors from closing.

"Hey." He smiled. "What floor?"

"Seventeen." I sighed. "Thanks." I blushed.

"Vacation?" He asked as he pressed the button.

"You know it." I giggled. "Annoying, family vacation."

"I know how that feels." He nodded. "I’m Andy, by the way."

"(Y/N)." I awkwardly shook his hand. We were both teenagers and for some reason, teens shaking hands is weird.

The lights started flickering and a huge thump nearly threw us to the ground. 

"What the fuck?" He shouted.

"Sounds like it’s busted." I mentioned as we were suddenly left in the dark.

"Great." His voice sounded down.

"What? Hate being stuck with me." I suggested.

"No, no. I just hate small spaces." He laughed nervously.

"Well, we’re stuck here for a while." I sighed, going over and leaning against the wall next to him. "Sorry." I laughed as I nearly stumbled over him.

"It’s fine." His voice was low and melted like honey. There’s nothing worse than teenage hormones raging in a dark, small elevator.

"So…you wanna’ pass time." I felt my heart racing.

"What do you mean? Like, make out?" He chuckled.

"I guess. If that’s what you wanna’ do." I applauded myself in my head. 

"Sure." I saw him shrug in the shadows.

Our lips came close, meshing together. It got hotter and heavier and I ended up laying on the floor beneath him, our height taking up the whole elevator. His hands, cold, flew up my shirt as he played with my nipples. I bucked my hips up towards him and my shirt came flying off.

"You’re cool with this, right?" He asked for permission.

"Yeah, good to me." I shrugged on the floor.

His hand flew downwards, fingers peaking up through the leg-holes of my shorts. I felt him push my panties aside as he shoved two fingers in. I gasped loudly as he curled them upwards. My hand flew to his dick in between us. I sqeezed and stroked causing him to groan loudly. 

Andy peeled upwards and quickly undid his pants. I shoved my shorts to my ankles and off. I wrapped my legs around him quickly. He shouted loudly as he shoved into me. I could barely contain my own sounds as he rammed me in that tiny elevator. 

The lights flickered back on and I felt my weight sink into the floor as we traveled upwards again.

"Shit, shit!" Andy got off me and quickly situated himself.

"Damn!" I scrambled for my shorts. 

"I’ll see ya’." He winked at me. So…looks like I’ll have to remember he lives on the twelfth floor.

Mylo induced panic attacks.

August’s Wubbanub that I ordered yesterday came in today.

I got dressed and took the boys outside with me to get the package. I handed it to My, but halfway down the sidewalk he handed it back. We got to the door and I opened it, put the mail in the holder we have for it, and turned around to see Mylo running to the street. I screamed for him and took off running, but he kept sprinting away. I caught him about fifty feet from our mailbox. He was giggling. I growled something out to him, grabbed his arm, and practically dragged him back to the house.

It was when I closed the door, that my panic set in. I had prepared to be incredibly stern and probably put him in timeout, but I just laid Gus on the floor, sat down, and started crying. A few months ago, a blogger that I follow on Instagram lost her son when he ran into the street and was hit by a truck. Where we live, we have a truck that barrels down at high speeds, and it’s always worried me. The thought that something like that could have just happened really hit me, and I couldn’t help but bawl. Not my baby.

It think my honest, raw reaction was the best thing for Mylo. He stood watching me for a second, then nervously asked of I was okay. I told him no, Mommy was so scared that Mylo ran away, that bad things could have happened. He looked out the window, then at me, and came over and hugged me. I just kept saying, “Don’t run away from Mommy or Daddy ever. Don’t ever do that again. I love you so much.” I held him for a few minutes, crying and chanting, and eventually he pulled back and rested his hand on my cheek. It was uncharacteristic of him, to say the least.

He’s okay. I’m so grateful for that, but that was too risky for me. I’m locking him inside of a bubble and never letting him leave the house again.