door said:

LEA I DON'T HAVE THE KIND OF TUMBLR WHERE I CAN POST THIS PLEASE CAN YOU ADDRESS IT r4dtacular(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)73149246643

The fact that you don’t have a tumblr where you can post weird sexts is a travesty DOOR.  UR A DOOR.  WHO IS UR JUDGMENTAL PUBLIC, DOOR?

but ABSOLUTELY let me address that I absolutely am a BIG FAN of Sexually Mature Tomato of Bangability Stiles surprising, overwhelming, and eventually getting into the pants of one Unsuspecting Civilian Derek Hale, and then enjoying the harassment of Derek’s person so much that he just keeps doing it.

The idea that he can disconcert Derek, throw him off his game, make him walk into walls—well, that’s not getting old any time soon.  So he pokes at it sometimes, especially when Derek’s trapped in public, when he can’t do anything about it.

He sees Derek at the laundromat one day, pulls over and parks but doesn’t go in.  

Instead—he texts.  coming over tonight?

Derek startles when his phone goes off, like he’s still surprised that he could be contacted in non emergency situations.  Stiles watches as Derek’s lips curve into a smile as he reads the message and starts typing back.

say it more romantically

baby, come over.  Stiles sends without hesitating.  let yourself in and I’ll be waiting on a rug made of flower petals, with billie holiday on the radio.  i’ll kiss you all tender

He sees Derek’s shoulders shaking in laughter and he grins, waiting for Derek’s response.  wow, i feel so romanced.  how could i turn that down?

A little old lady sets up her clothing next to Derek, causing Derek to shift a little, out of her way.  Stiles smirks.  

can i stick my dick in your mouth romantically?

Derek startles, his knee hitting the dryer with a loud thud that even Stiles can hear.   The old woman jumps in surprise, and he watches Derek apologize, flushed.  

stiles i’m not sexting with you.   The answer comes, and Stiles can hear the tone, the way Derek can’t seem to decide whether he loves it or hates it when Stiles embarrasses him/

who’s sexting?  I’m trying to make plans with my boyfriend, like an adult.  i’m just asking if you’d like that.  if you’d suck me, let me fuck your throat.  you’d like that, wouldn’t you?  if I came all over your pretty face?

Derek is bright red, and his eyes are cutting from the phone to the senior citizen and back.  Stiles watches as he shoves his phone in his pocket, then takes it back out, reading Stiles’s message again.   Stiles laughs, joyful and delighted, and somehow Derek hears him, his eyes snapping up to spot Stiles where he’s hunkered low in the Jeep.

"Shit," Stiles says out loud, and shifts back into drive, peeling away before Derek can charge outside and yell at him.  

At the next red light, he reads Derek’s text,  which just says see you at seven. 

A moment later, his phone buzzes again.  the plan sounds good.