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  • New Years Single 2011

DOOMSTAR! - Sea Gull

Don’t let the name fool you. Generally when I see/hear the name Doom in a band name it’s easy for me to mistakenly assume they have this heavy, big red worshiping connotation. Luckily these Cambridge residents don’t live up to that. They’re previous works have this straight out of the garage psychedelic rock sound. Just dirty, fuzzed, rumpin’ good time. With Sea Gull it seems when they took a break from wailin’ they looked up in the sky to see a sea gull straight chillin’ and decide to slow things down and open things up to bask in the freedom that the life of a sea gull posses.

You can pick up this and another single Night at the Movies off their digi 7" New Years Single 2011 amoung other albums on their bandcamp.


Playing the Park: Doomstar! 

Closing out the amplified bicycle stage this year is the one-of-a-kind, DOOMSTAR! Dishing out double doses of psych-rock as appropriate in the hot sun as in dark corridors of cellars. They’re as hot as Saturday is supposed to be but will be keepin’ it cool all the same. 

anonymous asked:

i really wish i could write my own canon? i'm kin with a character from a canon no one's ever heard of (doomstar anyone?) and to be honest it's probably just as well because my author is really awful at writing and i really hate being so deeply connected to something that was written by someone who has no idea how to write properly

Day 3 of listening through fucking Doomstar Requiem on repeat and I still fucking melt every time ‘Hello, I’m sorries, I got lost along the way. My name is Toki’


tiny infant

current RPs with Hinrik have not helped this at all

2k15 the year I was laid low by sad homeless norwegian babies

so I have reoccurring dreams that there are new episodes of Metalocalypse, and they’re REALLY GOOD episodes, and I had one last night

but I’d be fine if Doomstar was the last episode

also, I now have Charles feels


irlmagnus asked:

All the TMI asks..... go

1:What are you wearing?
black jeans and a red shirt i got from sarahfromouterspace last year.
2:Ever been in love?
fuck yeah

3:Ever had a terrible breakup?
4:How tall are you?
5:How much do you weigh?
Satan. nobody has to know how much me and my chub body weighs.
6:Any tattoos do you want?
7:Any piercings that you want?
with oc’s ; Felix and Carla.  with series/games etc. ; toki and magnus. or pickles and magnus h a h
9:Favorite Show?
 steven universe AND metalocalypse
10:Favorite bands?
11:Something you miss?
actually having fun at school and not feeling like dying whenever i go there.
12:Favorite song?
metalocalypse’s doomstar requiem - I believe.
13:How old are you?
 i’m fucking fifteen. (( go home you kid)) no fuck you ,i’ve been here long and people are pretty ok with me ,so yeah.
14:Zodiac sign?
15:Hair Color?
natural; Blonde.  right now; Brown
16:Favorite Quote?
got none.
17:Favorite singer?
 ahahahah…. adam young
18:Favorite color?
19:Loud music or soft?
20:Where do you go when you’re sad?
to the computer room( wich is now mine) for music and to draw it out
21:How long does it take you to shower?
10 to 20 minutes. when bad mood; 30
22:How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
about 30 minutes,if not; 15
23:Ever been in a physical fight?
tons of times.
24:Turn on?

25:Turn off?
def touching my foot!!!! OR SMOOCHING THEM AND EVERYTHING!
26:The reason I joined Tumblr?
saw one of my old WARRIORCATS friends have it, went on there,left for a year and came back later
getting bullied forever,or heights when on unstable ground
28:Last thing that made you cry?
29:Last time you cried?
30:Meaning behind your url
u said i sometimes am literally toki,i said it too,and i do have the behavior,but not the same background story
31:Last book you read?
???? i cant remember
32:Last song you listened to?
dunderpatrullen- pompadour
33:Last show you watched?
 a h ahah,,,,, metalocalypse. i dont dare to watch anything else after this yet cause im still in pain of it
34:Last person you talked to?
You and toki-krigstann
35:The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
good friends and advisor for her sexuality cause she was a little confused if she liked both dudes n gals or naw uvu she’s really cool
36:Favorite food?
shrimp, like- big gamba’s
37:Place you want to visit?
norway or ….. idk tbh. austria?
38:Last place you were?
39:Do you have a crush?
yup,never got over it ;) ((it u))
40:Last time you kissed someone?
when you were here.
41:Last time you were insulted and what was it?
last week at school. ‘ ew look what you have to sit next too,grossssss..!!!’
42:What color underwear are you wearing?
43:What color shirt are you wearing?
44:What color bottoms are you wearing?
45:Wearing any bracelets?
46:Last sport you played?
47:Last song you sang?
 Dat ik je mis- maaike oubouter
48:Last prank call you remember doing?
never did one cause i know better
49:Last time you hung out with anyone?
????? does a date count? cause that was when u were here.
50:Favorite movie?
still staying on top! Rise of the guardians. sorry!