Space Monkeys and Dinosaurs by ~Joceyy

I was chatting with a friend last night about how I don’t really draw for other people, but he decided to make a request anyway:

"A picture of monkeys in space riding flying dinosaurs, while shooting at each other. With explosions everywhere."

So I thought I’d do this really quickly.

Got carried away as usual, added the colour and explosions, etc. -Does not know how to draw guns and things- ==;

This was done using ‘Notability’ - a note-taking app for iPad, so I only had limited colours, no opacity/blending options, small screen space, not enough zoom and it was essentially finger-painting. — et voilà, this mess. >_>
Not saying Notability is a bad app or anything, just difficult -butnotimpossible- to use when drawing.

» download to view full mess at 1030 x 1349px
» Notability 4.31, iPad2, and finger-painting skills.
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