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Hi, John. Saw you for the first time last night! Great show. At one point Animals As Leaders was playing over the P.A., between yours and Stephen's sets, which made me real happy, and I was wondering whether that was at your behest? I think of you as a deathy-doomy guy, not a proggy guy.

Yeah the in-house playlist is a thing I put together from stuff on my hard drive. I love Animals as Leaders, I love a lot of tech-y proggy stuff…Illogicist, anything Jeff Loomis plays on, Watchtower…tons of it. I even get into a lot of Allan Holdsworth, those giant-brain players really make me happy. I don’t really limit my metal listening to any particular scene. Death is sort of what I go for instinctively (not doomy death, I especially dig cosmic stuff like Goreaphobia or the Chasm but classic DM, all the big names, those are also my dudes) but I listen to it all – symphonic epic metal, power metal, doom, death, prog, all of it.

Minor Staff Interlude

Gah! Sorry for being incommunicado this weekend; we’ve had a few weather-related technical difficulties over here at Racing Turtles and had to get new modems (:/ Sadly, my precious sweet two year old PC took a blast of EM as well, and until some parts come in next week I won’t really know if it’s recoverable or not (|( I sure hope it is because I’ve got literally hundreds of hours of writing archived on there (|( (|( (|(

But, I’m a chiphead -or, well, an amateur one at least- and like any self-respecting netizen of our present cyberDickensian Hellscape, I’ve got more than a single Box laying around >:] I’m currently chugging away on an old warhorse of mine that’s been out to pasture for a few years now. They spent their days lazily grazing golden data hills in the shining e-sun, lolling under the cool cybershade of gentle webtrees, quenching their thirst from burbling creeks of bracing GBs, delightfully free of pop-up ads or intrusion alerts. All those years ago when they’d put their Azureus hat, Steam Box, and AIM 50. in an old sea chest and closed the lid, they’d though they were closing a lid on this life, too. But all Comps must Serve. When the User calls, a Comp’s gotta look itself in the ole motherboard, deep -right down into the depths of its Power Supply- and ask itself what Duty truly means u_u

Yesir, Ole Doomy and Me’ve been through alot together -seen Forums Burning off the Shoulder of Cnet, seen Image Memes glittering in the dark off the YTMNB Gate- and it seems we’ll be having one last ride before we meet that sunset *stares watermarkedly off into the middle distance*

Rolling Stone premieres “Iron Moon” and details for Chelsea Wolfe’s upcoming album Abyss

It’s been a whirlwind two years for Chelsea Wolfe. Since the 2013 release of her breakthrough third album, Pain Is Beauty, the singer-songwriter has toured with Queens of the Stone Age, released a surreal 50-minute film, Lone, and had a song, “Feral Love,” featured in trailers for the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. More recently, she completed her highly anticipated fourth full-length, and her darkest, heaviest and most personal album yet, Abyss.

Last Wednesday, Wolfe released a teaser trailer for the new record, which will be out August 7th on Sargent House, along with a clip of a new song, “Iron Moon”; today, she has unveiled the full track, a haunting, doomy exercise in loud-quiet-loud dynamics that can be streamed HERE.

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Me: “Hi, my name is Carrie and now that divinedragoncannon got me addicted to the FNAF fandom, I can’t stop imagining him as Foxy and me as Mangle…and then continuously shipping them. I think I might have a problem.”

Group of FNAFers: *chorus* “Hi Carrie ~”

(Art by the amazingly talented toy-bonnie who PERFECTLY captures the animatronics and I reblog almost everything she does!!!)