Ten big-name games with nearly identical protagonists, collection 1 of 2.

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(Second collection here.)

Following up with my last post about Problems With Video Games, I chose these particular games because each of them is (or includes) a single-player campaign in which you cannot change the identity of your character, he (you) just is a white male and you have to deal with it.  This is the first post of two, because tumblr has a ten image limit per photo post and the number of games with a white male brunette protagonist is “most of them”.

Note that I in no way am criticizing the design of these games (that’s for another post), and have played + enjoyed most of them.  These rosters are purely to point out the near-uniformity of the finalized character designs.

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the DoomGuy (DG), the new unit of measurement for rating how generic a video game character is!  The scale goes from 1.0 doomguy (DoomGuy: darkish hair, caucasian, blue eyes, male) to 0.0 doomguys (RayMan, Alyx Vance, etc).  

Most of the guys above are at 1.0dg or just below.  Thank you for making doomguy your unit of choice.

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More Doom art!  This time it’s arguably the most easily recognizable classic Doom enemy, the Cacodemon.  I think the old design is in need of an update, but I didn’t really like what they went with in Doom 3.  It was too drastically different, it didn’t even resemble the Cacodemon at all.  So here I tried to revamp the classic design with a bit less discernible face.  

It also kinda looks like a demonized version of Doomguy’s helmet, now that I think about it.


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I would also argue that the gravelliness of voice acting is also an important doomguy quality.

Agreed.  Here’s the DoomGuy voice acting style guide.

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One thing I wish for Doom 4 that I haven't seen mention of anywhere: silent protagonist, please! And if they don't make Doomguy a silent protagonist I at least hope they don't make him talk like and sound like every other shooter protagonist (lots of swearing, voiced by Troy Baker or someone similar and popular)

I just hope they don’t look to the DOOM comic or Brutal DOOM for designing me if they do decide to give me a voice and personality. That would just be the fucking worst. I love the DOOM comic to death because of how goofy it is, but for that to be my actual personality would be… unbearable. Maybe a couple references to “rip and tear” but that’s it. I don’t want to hear myself screaming dumb bullshit at the top of my lungs. Less steroid-pumped lunatic, more Hicks from Aliens.

I wouldn’t mind if they got the guy who voiced B.J. in TNO and TOB. I really like his voice. He did a fantastic job as B.J.


rare footage of me watching any video game cutscene

The doom guy was prepared for another slaying mission. He rushed through the halls, slaying and shooting up zombies,imps and pinkies left and right. Suddenly he spots a metallic door on the right with a red frame. He uses his keycard to open on but dropped his plasma refile in shock at what has saw. He just walked right into a moment….a hell baron moment.

NOT the bruiser brothers, these barons are not related to each other although they are of the same species. 

This was TOO FUNNY not to post