localurbanmystic asked:

Human Prince of Doom, Land of Age and Ice, Pistol kind. Likes video games, tabletop rpgs, anime, computer programming and philosophy dealing with enlightenment. Has a love of prog-rock album cover wizards (like riding unicorns while shooting lightening out of their hands at a demon robot) and weird western movies (like El Topo by Alejandro Jodorowsky). His quest is to defeat "The Eternal Tyrant" and unfreeze his land, saving the cold blooded crocodiles who live there. Thank you for your time! :D

You are the Prince of Doom, hero of the Land of Ice and Age, or LOIAA. Sorry this took so long.

As you might have suspected, LOIAA’s environment is supernaturally frozen and travel outside is dangerous outside even under ideal conditions. During the night, temperatures plunge to ‘are you fucking serious here' levels. There are glacier mountains, lakes of snow, and super-chilled rivers that move to fast to freeze but can kill within moments of exposure. It's debatable if any real land exists on LOIAA, and if it were ever to thaw, it might be entirely ocean.

All of the animals (as well as any animals that were included in your prototyping chain - so this affects monsters as well) revert into their prehistoric forms when on LOIAA. This means there are bears the size of elephants and wolves the size of bears. In the deepest oceans below the ice shelf, there are whales the size of small cities. Now is probably not the time to point out that there are rats the size of wolves, but I am so totally going to do that.

The World Engine
The environment on LOIAA was once regulated by a device called the World Engine - an artifact built by your Denizen capable of harnessing the incredible power of the planet’s leylines. Under the right circumstances, the World Engine could also be used to ignite your Session’s Forge (assuming your Session has a Forge).

Unfortunately, the World Engine has been seized by the Eternal Tyrant, a servant of the Horrorterrors who froze most of your consorts solid and is holding your Denizen hostage. Using the World Engine, they ushered in an age of eternal winter, one that’s so sever it affects nearby planets.

Your Consorts
Your consorts are purple rabbits who call themselves the Pan. They used to live in peace, but now most of them are frozen into the landscape and the few survivors have fled underground and live near the World Engine’s vents. The Pan are extraordinarily flighty and skittish (not entirely because of the depredations of the Tyrant either - but it’s mostly that) and it will take you time to earn their trust.

Here are some quests you might go on:

  • Rescue your Denizen.
  • Find a way to save your frozen consorts.
  • Kill the Tyrant and his minions.
  • Repair the World Engine and ignite the Forge.
  • Restore the environment.
  • Go on a quest for rare alchemical components (nevermelting ice, fragments of the Engine, etc).
  • Escort a group of consorts across the surface.
  • Reach a crashed Prospitian ship and rescue any survivors.

ttheknightofbreath asked:

Session made of Knight of Breath, Seer of Doom, Slyph of Time, and Mage of Space.

You are the Knight of Breath and Seer of Doom.

Shadow Wind
Active, Unity ✦ Aspect (Breath + Doom), Skill, Magic
1 Focus, 15MP
Speed: 10
Effect: The Knight dissolves into a dark wind and flows through the battlefield, attacking each enemy within Long range once. Convert all damage dealt to Shadow-type.
Special: If you kill enemies with this ability, refund 1MP to the Seer for each enemy killed.

You are the Sylph of Time and Mage of Space.

Run Out The Clock
Active, Unity ✦ Aspect (Space + Time), Magic
Speed: 4
Effect: Cast Regenerate on all allies or a Fire-type damage-over-time effect on all enemies.


InstaDoom + SelfieDoom

(AKA: Linguica proving once again why he’s the final boss in the Doom community.)

There have been various attempts over the years to “improve” the Doom palette. While these attempts had various goals, and succeeded to various degrees, one question remains: did the authors get paid billions of dollars for recoloring pictures? No? Then their attempts were objectively inferior to one group of people who did!

That’s right, now you can play Doom with any one of no less than 37 real Instagram filters, all painstakingly recreated in the Doom engine! Memento Mori with Mayfair! Requiem with Rise! Icarus with Inkwell! Alien Vendetta with Aden or Valencia!


In some cases, InstaDoom even IMPROVES on the filters! Here is “1977” applied to a screenshot. The second is the real Instagram filter! It looks like hot garbage! The third is InstaDoom, where it is at least usable!

And that’s not all! Download now and also receive:

You can only take so many pictures of your food slaughtering demons! You want to show the world how hot you are while you do it, and now you can! Use the latest in stick technology to get more of yourself in the shot! It’s American President Approved!

Show how artistic you are while visiting far-off places!

Use the rule of thirds to compose your slaughter!

Let the world know what you think of something crazy you just saw!

All this and more!! Download now!!

Please download this right now.


STRAFE® - a fantastic new FPS full of fast, fun and bloody combat, inspired by classics classic’s like DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein 3D.

STRAFE® features procedurally generated levels offering billions of level possibilities, satisfyingly beefy and upgradable guns that can be upgraded, power-ups, VR support, and gory, persistent gibs allowing you to decorate the levels with the blood and entrails of your enemies.

It’s a welcome blast of old school FPS gameplay, focusing on speed, skill and carnage.  BFG – Bloody Fun Gunning!

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