ALBILLO.WAD, e2m1 (2154.000, -405.000, 16.000)
Author: Valentin Albillo
Date: 04/28/98
I’m truly fond of Doom, since its original release a number of years ago to this date (03/98), despite the brand new, all bells- and-whistles 3D games like Duke Nukem, Quake, Quake II, Heretic, Hexen, Hexen II, Rise of The Triad, Dark Forces, Tomb Raider, Exhumed, Shadow Warrior, Blood, etc, etc, etc.After playing hundreds (literally) of the very best Doom/Doom II levels, I decided to try my hand at writing my own, and here you have it: this original Doom (not Doom II) level is the result. Main features:- VERY large level, guaranteed to be one of the largest Doom levels you’ll ever find. More than 400k for a single level, WITHOUT using any gimmick extras.- intended to be fun, not extremely difficult. This is no “Plutonia Experiment” only suitable for some Doom Gods. Try and find the correct skill level for you, there’s one for sure.- optimized for speed: it includes a built-in REJECT resource with a 94% efficiency, for the fastest possible gameplay.- absolutely NO bugs: no HOM’s, Medusa effects, tutti-frutti, tall walls, nothing. It’s been thoroughly tested and it’s bug-free. Besides, despite its size, you CAN save the game at any moment, it will not overflow the savegame buffer, as it happens with other large levels.- truly non-linear geometrically: there are many distinct, interconnected paths through the level.- truly non-linear strategically: there are several different ways to kill most of the big bosses.- extreme attention paid to detail: all textures aligned, lighting, illumination effects, aesthetically pleasing architecture and color combinations, etc- single player, cooperative (4 starts) and deathmatch (4 starts), plus all difficulty levels implemented: from a difficulty ratio of 0.605 at “I’m too young to die” (skill 1) to 1.476 at “Ultra-violence” (skill 4)- hundreds of enemies (more than 220) of all types for you to defeat, without being a continuous, brainless massacre: you’ll have to stop and think a little from time to time.- all weapons included, all items, all power-ups, all keys are used and necessary to exit.- no dead-ends, all secret doors marked somehow, no obscure puzzles to ruin the fun, but expect pits, traps and some *very* nasty ambushes.- a complete test of your Doom abilities: you’ll need speed, accuracy, reflexes, smarts, and at some places, a lot of balance, patience, and luck.- it *doesn’t* include anything not found in the original Doom: new sounds, textures, dehack patches, special effects, etc. It tries to excel by its architecture, aesthetics, theme, and playability alone, using just original Doom elements, like >id

DREMHOUS.WAD, map04 (26.000, -437.000, 32.000)
Author: Sean Bernard
Date: 12/07/02
The year is 1979. You have been hired by an architect to clean out mutants that have infested

Void 23. A6, 2015.

We went to the birthing party. Unknown address in Herne Hill. Formed a circle in the night garden and sacrificing synthetic meats on a coal fire to Cat. Everybody wore red. Except the priest who’d just a week ago emitted five more kittens so busy suckling hot black chocolate for the mouth show. It was nice to see them all. Spew about old beef. Haggling for the fur balls. Drink tits. Jon the zealot invited me to the platform for throw sausage at the neighbours house. Great. When it got cold and there was no more torture Quorn the yellow mask told us into the temple for red cake and prayers to Meow. Come to Paris, I’m going in June. You can meet the artists. Make horror. Farce out the eyeballs. Ok I will. Sweetheart held out a hand.

D&S Recommends

‘Everything Else’ from Shake The Castle Wall

By Paul C. Rote

All you heavy stoner fans don’t pass on this one! There is so much great music coming out right now that I’m forced to overlook many good bands. 'Everything Else’ by Orlando’s Shake The Castle Wall is one of those I initially passed on. It was a tough choice, as it has that retro sound I dig, but the current stoner rock scene is simply exploding right now the world 'round. There is only so much time and money to spend on music. That said, shortly after I made my decision our Editor=in=Chief told me I would love this collection of demos and probably want review it. Well that pushed me over the edge - after all, I did want this. Now I’m proud to have this in my Bandcamp portfolio.

Though the influence of the seventies is all over this, it remains true to the stoner rock scene of the present. Powerful vocals carry retro-style riffs along with killer leads to make some serious stoner rock. The musicianship in all six tracks is top notch. For being demos, the production value is quite good, as well. I can see this band signing to a label sooner rather than later. Last heard, the band was working on their first full-length. Their style will almost certainly have broad appeal.