Trade with Yui who asked for some RedStaaar~ And I’m always thrilled to draw them because I love them ;A; Aaah Yui I think you’re asleep right now but I really liked this one so I wanted to post it now >////< When you see it I hope that you like it ;A;


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Aaaah, Tsuki this is really pretty! The Ryuugasaki sisters are just so adorable ubububu I want to hug them all ;3; <33333 ! And Tamaooo, and Konchi and Ponchi look really cute too! <333

Oooooow thank you dear! It’s so nice that you like the girls! and thanks! I was having problem with Konchi and Ponchi (apparently those version of them are called Konty and Ponty x’Du) but they come out…..kind of…..they look like it x’DD *snort* and I’m really proud of that Tamao x’) I really wanted to draw her really pretty


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HAAAAAAAAPPYYYY BIRTHDAAAAAAY CRUSSPIEEEJDGF <33333 -crawlsbacktohole- (I'd send you an sms, but I lost my phone and now I have a new one with no numbers whatsoever dkfgjh)


Wow sorry this is late, but thank you Yui!


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I say the same thing to my friends and classmates. Honestly, I don’t want to think about dating while I’m trying to get through school. Even my friends at school feel the need to yell/whine at me solely for the fact that I never had a boyfriend. :I

everyone have their moments, everything comes when it have to come, they got boyfriends first, good for them, you never had one, good for you.

you need to be with someone if you REALLY want to be with that someone, not because you need someone besides you so everyone “will be happy”

fuck that shit x’D


doodlytucky replied to your post: "Do you have a boyfriend?" is annoying as hell, I know, but there is nothing more annoying than the question that comes after….."Why?"

Oh god I hate when people ask that D: It’s noone of their business if someone has a boyfriend/girlfriend or not in the first place! I think it’s okay when friends ask though as long as they don’t go all “BUT OMG WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A BF?”

And then I’m like 

"Is not YOUR problem SISTER!" 


but I actually always say “I’m not thinking of that now, I have more important things to do” …that… actually true x’Du but then again, why I need to explain to people my reasons of not having a pastry man-doll by my side?

oh yeah….because

"I NEED one”





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skdfjksjdfkj Oh my he looks SO CUTE ;3;

Yeaaah! I feel like a over proud godmother but I can’t help it, when I saw this little kid calling me “mayina” I can’t help but hug him all day long

he is gonna come in a few months….His godmother gonna go out with him and taking him to the zoo and the mall and buy him stuff



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skdfjkj You get your food Tsuki ;3; YOU DESERVE A FEAST/MEAL <3


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If they don’t allow you to get some food then they should get you some food ! D8

No no, they are not letting me eat in the way I’m about to cook of fetch something to eat and they call me and tell me I need to change something NOW, and I told them to wait a little bit but no, they are all “NOW, now now now now! our boss wanted now!” and I’m like FUCK THIS SHIT.

good thing my brother buy lunch for him and he buy a lot so he told me to grab something, but these people don’t even let me have a bite in peace 

Just fuck it, I’ll watch a movie and ignore that cellphone for an hour, a need a break and I fix EVERYTHING they told me. The next thing they want me to change it’s gonna have to wait 


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Dear god, such ungrateful and rude people skdjkgj THEY DON’T DESERVE YOUR KINDNESS AKDJSF Ububu come here to my arms Tsuki, yes ;3; <333 ?

I wish I was able to tell them “GROW A LITTLE BIT” but I can’t, I need to stop being so nice with people *hug* *hug* *hug*


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sdkfjskdfj Oh dear, y-you don’t have to do that ;//3//; ! I-I DON’T DESERVE SUCH KINDNESS SDFKJG -melts-

dsfkkld it’s okay xDD the ones i created for the fic might not help you since after you explained what you needed, well… they’re a bit evil and simply like controlling people/playing with their minds any way they can? and are under a very tight control of their queen…… they’re based off hamadryads, too. i think they were called Mirits » mirror spirits ahahd

but i’d still be glad to help you create a new creature based off one of things i gave you in my last reply (not the one with the sphinxes, there’s another after haah). i like helping people with these things~