doodlingwherever said: What’s this for? *has defo missed something* xD

:O Head over to the forum and the cast members thread and claim your favourites characters!

I currently own:

  • George I
  • George II
  • George III
  • Maltravers
  • Henry V


doodlingwherever replied to your post: This seems a bit useless as there is literally (LIT-ER-A-LLY) nothing I can do, but really hoping everything’s okay where you are. You said you’re in a residential area so I’m sure you’ll be fine, they seem to be targeting shops. (George IV is secretly hoping George I is okay too, even though he’d never admit it).

I feel helpless, but hope you & your family are safe. Justice will prevail and all that. I hear the PM is bringing a massive snake to battle them? Sounds a bit Harry Potter to me. George III would wish you well. If he knew what was happening

You guys really shouldn’t feel helpless, these messages are making me smile a lot - a man on Twitter’s kindly told me that nothing’s happening here at the moment, I kind of feel a sense of community now! He should get the basilisk on them! George I appreciates the family love <3


houseofhanover replied to your post: Dear internet, Charles II has moved into my brain…

Bask in it. Bask in the wonder that is Charles II and fangirl to your heart’s content.


 doodlingwherever replied to your postDear internet, Charles II has moved into my brain…

..and now you know what it’s like to be Sothers. The end. xD

I just feel like I shouldn’t be fangirling over someone who

(a)has been dead over 300 years

and (b)shagged everyone he possibly could


And actually, I’m pretty sure my love for Sothers is caused by our shared awkward Charlie adoration as it is by the fact that he’s Ben Willbond. Probably more so.