Doodle Jump is a great game that’s available for $0.99 on the iTunes app store, and it’s probably the best $0.99 you’ll ever spend there. It’s addictive and entertaining game play is perfect for quick 5 minute time wasters while you wait on the bus or are bored at home. The game includes many themes as was as online multi-player for people who like to play with their friends over wifi or random strangers from around the globe. There’s also a FREE version that you can download if you’re the frugal app shopper. I highly suggest downloading this app.


here’s the part 2 of my entry last week! :) tada my left hand!

this has more of a simple design to it since the classic game didn’t have that much monsters and to emphasize. didn’t have that much monsters that would fit my finger nails :))) apparently even though i tried two more monsters on my middle and ring fingers… they ended up not fitting and it looked like i murdered the monsters :)) so better do the springy shoes and the spring.

i used a white background for my left for i don’t know what reason, but i think it was about to get dark and using a light colored background would reflect light.. so yea. though i do not have consistent photography skills.. i just try do what i think would make my nailart look like what it is in the picture.

i used :

O.P.I.’s Alpine Snow (white), I Theodora You (nude baby pink), Glints of Glinda (nude light brown), Big Apple Red (red), Bubble Bath (light brown).

Caronia’s Black Velvet (black), Blueberry (dirty blue)

Kiko’s no. 343 (green), no. 290 (hot pink)

The Face Shop’s YL702 (yellow), GR501 (gelly lime green), GR502 (lime green), BL606 (blue), PP405 (magenta)

That’s all for now! until next time! :)