ACNL sketch dump!

First pic is a bunch of Animal Crossing sketches I did over the year I played New Leaf but never got around to painting them. Just silly memories I hold from this amazing game. :) <3

Second pic is concept sketches of Joan’s grandchild. He would help her sell turnips in the next ACNL game for Wii U, since she’s becoming too old to carry them all by herself :) 

And third pic is just some thrown out stickers ideas.

Anonymous said:

Hi, I’m sorry to bother you, but I am a big fan of your art. I have my exam results tomorrow and I am very frightened, I was hoping that perhaps I could put in a drawing request? If so, could you possibly draw a person (I do not mind what they look like) hugging an Allosaurus (my favorite dinosaur) because it is amusing to think that it would be very easy for a theropod to hug someone/thing if it wanted. Thank you. (If you are not taking requests right not I apologize, I hope you understand.)

Good luck on the results!