Reaction to Supernatural: S1E1

First scene where Sam and Deans mom catches on fire:

When that guy gets murdered by the Lady In White:

Sam and Dean almost get run over by their own car and Sam in hanging off the side of the bridge:

When the Lady in White pops up in front of Sams car while he’s driving (Nearly gave me a heart attack):

The part where they’re fighting her and her ghost kids end up getting rid of her:

Sam goes home and Jessica is on the ceiling…on fire:

I was actually watching this in the dark, around 2:30 in the morning, and I freaked my dog out a couple of times from jumping and almost screaming. Nevertheless I fell in love with this show from the first episode and am currently on Season 6. :3

About to work on a cover of a song because no one is home and I’m self-conscious about my singing, then suddely:

*bang!* “HEY! IS ANYONE HOME!?”

My bro kicks in the door and starts yelling. 

Me and my bro. 

Seriously. he’s like a black haired version of America, it’s crazy. 

And then my dog starts barking. This is her whenever someone walks in the door:

Her and I ultimately end up having a yelling contest and then everyone gets mad.

Anyway, I’m going to have to wait another two weeks until I make my video, but I might find time to work on my Hetalia Reader-insert, which I will post on here! :3

I’m procrastinating on my Supernatural reaction, but I promise I’ll upload it later, after I go get some manga from the library and buy some food. 

Watching episode 15 of season 6 of Supernatural, where they go into the alternate universe where they’re the main characters on a TV show called “Supernatural”. 

Misha gets sorta kidnapped and then killed, and I’m all like “THE GIF! THE GIF!” and Misha is all like:



Okay I’m done now. But this had to be one of my favorite episodes ever. EVER. 

Reaction to Supernatural: S1E2

First scene when the guys camping get attacked:

Sam is talking to Jessica’s grave:

Dean: “Well, sweetheart, I don’t do shorts”:

Sam & Dean talking about their dad:

 That scene just really touched me.

When the Wendigo almost kills everybody:

And when dean shoots it:

I thought this episode had some cute/funny moments but also some touching moments, and just the right amount of scary. ;)

Reaction to Supernatural: S1E3

Dead In The Water

First scene when the girl goes swimming and drowns:

“Must be hard with your sense of direction. Never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”:

When the brother is pulled under the water in the sink and drowns:

When Sam and Dean find out about Peter Sweeney (and when they see Bill Carlton in the picture):

The bath scene:

When Lucas goes to the lake and is pulled under the water and when you see the ghost surface:

When Lucas finally speaks:

This episode was so freaky for me because drowning is on my “Worst Ways To Die” list. Like, water is one of my fears >.< So yeah. This is being posted really late cuz I spent all day playing l4d2 with my bff. But in my timezone it's technically still Saturday, so it counts >:D

What to do? Also, my very first Tumblr post!

Tumblr has been joined by the epic and awesome me! … Now I’m wondering what I should do? 

I really want to make a “My reaction to Supernatural”. So that’s probably what I’ll do first, besides re-posting Hetalia pics and stuff :3

I wont be posting any pictures of myself, but if you’re curious, here is my DeviantArt: So Watch me there and Follow me here. 

Also, I’ll answer questions if you give me a donut. Not because I like donuts, just because it’s my policy. 

       "Seems Legitimate!“  

Just for the "Because” factor, I’ll list some things I like: Skyrim, Hetalia, Portal and Portal2, Ouran HSHC, L4D, L4D2, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Lie To Me, 9gag, Wipe-out, Writing and reading fanfics, Harry Potter, StarKidPotter, CoD, various Star Treks, The Guild, Lord of the Rings Online, Sims3, Sarcastic comments that make you die a little on the inside, Old Disney Movies, Lucille Ball, and answering questions for donuts!!! :D 

So now my first post has come to an end…So, Thank You (I can’t believe I’m thanking these people) For staggering your way through my first post, you’ve made some real contributions to my ego, and for that, I am grateful. ;)