I hosted a trivia night for my MLIS classmates last night. I wasn’t responsible for most of the questions (I think the other committee members were worried every question would relate to Harry Potter or Sherlock) but I was allowed to include a bonus round in the middle. For this bonus round, we showed darienlibrary's Darien Library Does Gangnam Style and then asked the teams ten questions about it (they were allowed to watch the video a second time after). It was hilarious! Well done to Darien, and thanks for being awesome.

Oh and congrats to donutsbaconvodka for being on the winning team for this round. (With a whopping 9 out of 10) <3


Sure I may as well include the questions in case any of you fancy a try…

1. In what section of the library does the video start?

2. What does the banner featuring Yoda say?

3. What date was on the banner?

4. When we first see the lift, what floor is it on?

5. There’s a shape on the lift sign for the floor number – what is it?

6. In the ‘Main Street’ café section, what is the seated man reading?

7. In the Reference Room, what do the signs on the bookshelves say?

8. How many people were dancing in Materials Management?

9. When the main dancer was riding his motorbike, what colour was his helmet?

10. What is Darien Library’s advertised website?

EDIT 2: Context - the second picture (in case it’s not obvious) is the teams watching the video.

I just completed my week’s Cataloguing assignments (I actually did well - I’m chuffed). It took me the longest time though. Initially I was trying to do it without having access to the RDA Toolkit and I was struggling to find what I needed in various open access sites and a few photocopies and it was taking f o r e v e r but then my guardian angel (aka donutsbaconvodka) gave me her access to the toolkit for the evening. What a difference.

A few hours ago I was picturing myself as this failed librarian, unable to catalogue or to even find the info I needed, and I could see myself ending up in librarians’ purgatory where I’d be forced to constantly look up legal volumes on the OCLC Connexion without ever finding any answers, but that every time I clicked ‘search’ an extra wrinkle would be added to my oh so furrowed brow…..

But now I feel like a cataloguing ninja. So… All was well.

I hope the rest of the MLIS community on here is getting on OK with cataloguing.