Normally I would ignore posts like this, but then I got to the line “I hate and wish death on you.” And then I had to chime in.

If this was merely on someone’s personal blog and NOT showing up in the tags, that’d be one thing. But it DOES show up in the Stucky tags. On what planet is it ever okay to “wish death” on someone over something like this? Over ANYTHING like this? This shit is fiction - people don’t have to justify why they like a ship, and you don’t have any right to judge other people for liking a certain pairing just because it doesn’t fit your personal criteria.

There are plenty of reasons why people ship Steve and Bucky, other than for trauma-related reasons. And contrary to your holier-than-thou belief, they are equally as valid. You’re allowed to disagree with them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just as we are allowed to like Stucky, you are allowed not to.

What you don’t have the right to do is take it to such an extreme that you’re saying that anyone who ships Stucky deserves to die, basically. I could get into how completely and ludicrously immature and rotten it makes you to “hate” people you don’t even know for something as trivial as this, but your post alone leads me to believe that you’re no more than someone with the mentality of a child, who would sooner plug your ears and scream “LA LA LA LA!” than listen to actual reason and engage in a mature conversation.

However, I hold no shame in saying that you’re a horrible person if you think it’s okay to wish death on people, much less for a reason such as this. There are so many people who see Tumblr, fandoms, pairings, and the like as a way to escape their everyday problems. They immerse themselves into it because it gives them something to occupy their minds; maybe have an outlet to have people to talk to about their interests when they otherwise have no one in their lives that share these interests.

There are also people in this fandom, same as every other fandom, who are going through difficult times, are in vulnerable places, and perhaps feel like they have no one. There are people who are made to feel ashamed for liking the things they like enough in their personal lives, so they come here to be surrounded by others who understand and make them feel accepted.

I know that you, OP, clearly seem to have a mouth on here far bigger than the one I imagine you have in real life. Maybe you’re so obnoxious and outright cruel to others so easily because you feel you DON’T or CAN’T have a voice in your personal life. For that, you have my sympathy. Usually the people who are quickest to be arrogant, judgemental dicks on the internet are the first ones who would sooner cower and shit their pants than say trash like this to a person’s face. It sure is easy these days to look mighty tough when you’re able to hide behind the protection of your computer screen.

But you seem to be forgetting (or perhaps this is just a concept you care nothing about) that the people on the internet are flesh and blood, too. They are not two-dimensional, faceless people who’d all take your shitty opinion with a grain of salt. They have feelings and they have problems that you know nothing about, and you never know when your vicious, careless words could make an already emotionally unstable person tip over the edge and do something harmful to themselves. People have committed suicide over things like this said on the internet more times than we could tally up.

I can only assume that you’ve never dealt with or been touched by suicide or self-harm. For that, you are lucky. I say this because anyone who ever HAS - or even someone with a spec of compassion and understanding on the topic - would not be so quick and hasty to throw around words so extreme. You clearly are unaware of the damage they can cause. And if you HAVE had first-hand experience with the subject, then it sickens me even more that you’d feel it’s okay to say shit like this to people.

I guess the point of this message, OP, is that your behavior is disgusting. Your attitude is disgusting. And if this IS the way you behave in your personal life, to the people around you, then YOU are disgusting, and for your sake, I hope you eventually get a much-needed personality adjustment, before you say the wrong thing to the wrong person one day and get knocked the fuck out for it.

Also? I’m GLAD you’re not in the Stucky fandom. Trust me, we’re happier without people like you in it. Have a nice day.


anyways i know this comic isnt that much and its kinda sloppy and gross but i made it with love and tears and i hope you have a wonderful bday because you DESERVE IT you wonderful special beautiful friend……may we be friends for years to come……(btw you read the comic from left to right)


watch out, dont laugh…someone is aiming for the main vocalist spot!
[original singer: GUAN Zhe想你的夜 In the Night When I Miss You]


Tao injured his finger during the solo stage on the 18/07/14 but still managed to finish the whole performance wonderfully at the end.

The fans were praising him for being professional in such a situation but also worried about the injury. They cheered “Huang Zitao” loudly to show their support but here he is, looking surprise and perplexed like he doesn’t know why or if he deserves any of all this at all.

He didnt take any of this with granted but always being so grateful towards his fans. He always give his all on stage to make us happy. He always want to assure fans he’s fine and we shouldn’t be worry about him, not only onstage but also offstage.

Thank you for being such a precious human being, for your caring towards us fans, for always be the strong individual that is Huang Zitao. [x]


emma and jones ± sass and giggles

"you know something Swan; whenever your around, i inevitably find myself tracking through some manner of woods or forest courting d a n g e r."
"here i thought you weren’t afraid of anything. always looking for the next adventure."
"oh? is that what this is?"


"Great! Great! Perfect… Couldn’t have asked for anything more, Jo."


What the hell were you doing for the last year alone on that ship? im guessing it was one swashbuckling adventure after another; until you decided to  c o m e   b a  c k  and  save  me .

                                        e x a c t l y.