orysbaratheon asked:

why do you think dany’s going to die? because i’ve thought about that happening but it always seemed like grrm would make her queen by the end. which is the one scenario i DON’T want

Dany isn’t going to be queen in the end, because the existence of the Iron Throne is wrong in the first place.

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New Vampire Academy trailer *MAJOR SPOILERS* *self harm cw*

anonymous asked:

I think they may be talking about Homestuck.

Ah, well, in that case fair confusing tumblrer, Homestuck is an ongoing webcomic written by an evil genius named Andrew Hussie, currently updating on the website mspaintadventures.

Fair warning, it just might ruin your life, driving you to write song after song about fictional preteen aliens in a mindless haze while thousands of people encourage your madness instead of getting you the help you so obviously and desperately need.